Busting Google's "100" Link-Limit Myth

Written by Paul Bliss

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I've read about this topic in many forums and people always want proof. I researched and found two extremely well ranked sites that easily surpassrepparttar 100 link limit...



The point is, FORGET about allrepparttar 137136 nonsense that Google spits out about a 100-link limit. That's like your parents saying that you can only have 100 friends, no more or else you will be penalized!

Being thatrepparttar 137137 Internet is a social environment, how else would someone learn or find out about a new site? Advertising will alert you to new products and services, but they won't be able to tell you how bug zappers work. The search engines need our links. They can't grow their index without us. Therefore, exercise your right to link!

-To your online success!


Paul has been optimizing sites for over 5 years and has successfully placed over 60

clients into top rankings for all the major search engines. www.seoforgoogle.com

How Autoresonders Can Put Your Business On Autopilot

Written by Elizabeth McGee

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For example, autoresponders can help you set up a 'frequently asked questions' email by creating an email address such as 'faq@mysite.com'. Here you can invite viewers to ask questions about your products. You can then automate a response email that contains answers torepparttar most common questions you're likely to receive about your products, services or ordering process. You can save yourself countless hours of responding to questions and atrepparttar 136738 same time, increaserepparttar 136739 chances of a sale immediately. Autoresponders can also help you gather email addresses for your weekly news or sales letter. Simply set up another email address such as 'newsletter@mysite.com' that will capture email addresses through a form on your website. Now you have email addresses that you can sell to each and every week.

You can set up endless email addresses for whatever information you want your viewers to receive and their responses will all be automated.

2. Automate your customer service

Autoresponders can also help with order fulfillment. This is where you can find yourself spending lots of your time because, after all, orders arerepparttar 136740 bread and butter of your business It's also a very critical part of your business so automating it can help reducerepparttar 136741 amount of error and confusion, particularly if your business is growing at a rapid pace.

Depending on your products, order fulfillment systems are an excellent idea but autoresponders can also help out particularly if you sell electronic products such as e-books, software or online services.

- Confirming Orders When a purchase is made online, buyers need confirmation. They want to know that their order was successful and that payment was received. Autoresponders can reply automatically to all orders and can include allrepparttar 136742 pertinent order information that you wish to send.

- Provide shipping information If you are shipping your products to your customers autoresponders can notify buyers that their products have shipped, how they were shipped and when they might expect it.

- Follow-up This is your opportunity to provide that bit of extra good will. A follow-up message is a great promotion gesture. It's a way for you to provide a little extra customer care by following up on how your customers enjoyed their products and, most importantly, thanking them for shopping. It's also an excellent way for you to announce new products or information so they'll think of you again next time they're shopping.

Once you've implemented autoresponders into your online business, you'll never look back. Emails can be written once and sent automatically. It'srepparttar 136743 easiest and most efficient way to help grow your business, allowing you to spend your time more efficiently and make more sales.

Elizabeth McGee has spent 20 years in the service and support industry. She has moved her expertise to the world wide web helping businesses find trusted tools, enhance customer service, build confidence and increase sales. Visit Elizabeth's websites at: http://www.pro-marketing-online.com http://www.homenotion.com

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