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Written by Joel Walsh

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3. If you getrepparttar same results with 50 pages with similar traffic levels, that's an increase of $328500. Now multiply that by however many sites you or your company owns. Can you say, "early retirement"?

Keep in mind, that's onlyrepparttar 149903 additional revenue you get fromrepparttar 149904 improved content compared with what you were getting already from your work. No extra work needed.

Sales/leads model:

If your website is a promotional vehicle for a business,repparttar 149905 results can be even more spectacular. If a page nets you $500/day in sales or leads, website content improvements that increase your sales or leads by 20% will pay for themselves within a month, if not a week.

In reality, if your current content is really weak,repparttar 149906 improvement is likely to be even more spectacular. Traditionally, overhauling bad sales writing doubles or even triplesrepparttar 149907 response rate.

The best part of all this isrepparttar 149908 advantage you'll gain overrepparttar 149909 competition, with so many website owners inrepparttar 149910 dark about their content. If you are earning 20% more thanrepparttar 149911 competition onrepparttar 149912 same advertising or promotion expense, you will ultimately carryrepparttar 149913 day.

Making a Content Investment

Now, back to price. What would you expect to invest to see a $6570 return?

Writer's Market,repparttar 149914 blue book of professional writer fees, says web content averages $300/page, which would mean a 2000+% return on investment.

But you can actually get away with paying only half that if you don't need research or meetings—the biggest time-sucks when it comes to creative projects. If you order content in bulk, you'll likely get an even steeper discount.

In short, with allrepparttar 149915 obsession webmasters tend to have with increasing traffic, it's important to remember that making simple website content improvements is a much more cost-efficient and reliable way of increasing revenue. Not convinced? Just try getting professional help for a few of your page's content. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you see your site making more money.

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Written by Joel Walsh

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* Anchor text, like bulleted lists, boldface text, headlines and subheadings, has a higher chance of being read thanrepparttar rest ofrepparttar 149902 text. People tend to scan computer screens rather than read text word for word. Eyes will be much more likely to slow down from scan mode and actually read anything that stands out fromrepparttar 149903 page, especially hyperlinks.

* A web page will rank higher for a keyword in search engine results ifrepparttar 149904 anchor text of links to that page has that keyword.

Blunder Number 4: Only including an HTML-formatted link with "anchor text"

You really want that anchor-text link, but it is foolish only to provide that link. No matter what you do, a substantial number of publishers will reformat your article as plain text, and your link will simply disappear. That's why you need to have both an HTML link with anchor text and a URL written out in this format:

"But I'm only interested in getting my article on web pages so I can gain link popularity," you say. Well, a large number of plain-text email newsletters will be archived onrepparttar 149905 website ofrepparttar 149906 newsletter publisher. These newsletter-publisher webmasters won't usually remember at that point to get your HTML version to post online. The standard approach is just to automatically convertrepparttar 149907 URL to a link using special software.

Remember:repparttar 149908 publisher may be operating dozens of ezines and websites, so this whole step will be partially or completely automated, without anyone stopping to check for an HTML version. If you don't have a URL written out in your article, that link will simply be lost.

Besides, think of allrepparttar 149909 traffic you might have gotten from plain-text newsletter readers. Who would say no to free targeted traffic--isn't that why you want to rank high in search engines inrepparttar 149910 first place?

In fact, with paid online advertising going for more than a dollar a click on average, you really are throwing money away if you make any of these ezine article marketing and advertising blunders.

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