Business Website Building Doís and Doníts

Written by R.L. Young

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Third, navigation should be as easy as looking atrepparttar screen. Navigation bars should be clear, in easy to read fonts and usually in alphabetical order, as well as in colors that donít clash withrepparttar 140752 rest of your page, make your visitor feel like their starring atrepparttar 140753 sun or have to squint to read font colors that blend in too much withrepparttar 140754 background. All contact and information page links should be easy to find as well. The worst thing you can do is make a visitor search for a link by hiding it in a corner somewhere or make them click link after link just to find out how to contact you. Keep you pages clean, clutter free and from appearing as if it is all overrepparttar 140755 screen.

Last, Ad banners and outside links should be kept to a minimum onrepparttar 140756 home page of your site, nobody wants to visit a link farm. If you belong to a link exchange or trade links (which is a good idea forrepparttar 140757 search engines and link popularity), make pages that are just for links or ad banners. One or two banners on your home page is plenty, and are usually placed atrepparttar 140758 bottom or in a skyscraper onrepparttar 140759 right hand side ofrepparttar 140760 page. However, if you belong to google adsense, itís okay, and a good idea, to place those links atrepparttar 140761 top ofrepparttar 140762 page just under your header, because they produce revenue.

If your home page and other pages are easy to read, clutter free, easy to navigate and donít take long to download or make your eyes blur out, then youíre probably doing okay. To get some ideas, surfrepparttar 140763 web and look at other business and product web sites to see what they have done. A good website can eventually produce a very good income. Good Luck!

R.L. Young is the owner of National Wholesalers, a wholesale website to businesses and the public and to help those who would like to have their own home business. Mr. Young began web marketing in the fall of 2002 with many experimentations and much research in web marketing, advertising and sales; including studies with affiliate web sites, and always learning more Visit his site at

HTML Encryption from

Written by Philip Smith

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Website security is now one ofrepparttar most demanded products by webmasters worldwide. Web page security from HTML Block is essential for your web pages if you have designs, graphics or code you wish to lock away from others. HTML Block has built-in special features which enables you to add security such as disable right click, disable text select, disable image toolbar, disable page caching, disable page printing, disable print screen, disable clipboard and that's onlyrepparttar 140665 start as it packed with many other features. Using free Javascripts which you can download are now no longerrepparttar 140666 way forward, as HTML Block encrypts all its code into unreadable code which is a much higher security level than ever before.

The live online encryption tool is coming soon... Hide Your Identity With HTML Blocks Anonymous E-mail System

Anonymous e-mail service from HTML Block is now being used by thousands of people from acrossrepparttar 140667 world to protect there real identity, withrepparttar 140668 ability to send others emails with any e-mail address of their choice. This service is far greater thanrepparttar 140669 other Ďfake email servicesí you can find onrepparttar 140670 web, as you have full control over which IP addressrepparttar 140671 email comes from. Using this service can prevent viruses and spam reaching your inbox, which could harm or destroy data, information on your system. Inrepparttar 140672 worst case even allow others to get access to your personal information and grab information such as, usernames and passwords, home address and bank details. Buy HTML Block today and protect your identity and personal data.

Sounds interesting? Well HTML Block now allows visitors on this site to send as many anonymous emails as they wish fromrepparttar 140673 members area. If you are not currently a member you can get registered here free today. Key Features Built-in HTML Block

* Quick and easy HTML encryptor * Fast and ultra secure website security * Ability to send anonymous emails from your website * Over 15 different security features * Hide source code of your web pages * 24hour professional support from our experts * Free lifetime of software upgrades * Full overview of features which are included with HTMLBlock

HTML Block Internet Toolbar

HTML Block now hasrepparttar 140674 latest Internet Toolbar which enables you to receive free updates, news headlines. Fast Internet search, with easy access torepparttar 140675 members area of HTML Block and generally a better internet experience. Downloadrepparttar 140676 HTML Block toolbar today free, clickrepparttar 140677 button below for more information and to download.


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