Business Web Hosting: Which is Right for You?

Written by Joe Duchesne

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Website response times

Be sure to askrepparttar hosting provider for a list of websites that are hosted on their servers. Enter a few of them into your browser and pay attention to how fast they come up. If all of them take a long time to load, this may indicate thatrepparttar 134325 hosting provider's servers are overloaded. Doing a ping onrepparttar 134326 website addresses is another way to measurerepparttar 134327 time it takes forrepparttar 134328 server to respond. Keep in mind though, that a ping test will be more of a measure of a bandwidth bottleneck than a server problem.

Web Hosting bandwidth: How much do you get?

How much bandwidth doesrepparttar 134329 web hosting service provide you with every month? If it is only 500mb per month and your website is 50 kilobytes in size, this will only allow 10,000 visitors per month to hit your website. If you expect to need more, make sure you can live withrepparttar 134330 extra chargesrepparttar 134331 hosting provider will levy. If you website traffic explodes, you may be onrepparttar 134332 hook for large bandwidth overage charges.

Small business web hosting that is reliable is a vital part of any success your company will experience online. Doing your homework ahead of time will save you lots of grief later on.

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Web Hosting

Written by Ratliff J

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3. Who is going to rememberrepparttar long domain name.

4. A personalized business domain name is much easier to remember.

5. If I am interested in your service or product, and you have a free website, I am assuming that you are not offering a serious product or service.

Web Hosting is much cheaper than it used to be. You also get tons and tons of options withrepparttar 134324 plans these days. If you are interested in seeing plans from a number of different providers, check out Web Hosting.

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