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Written by Bruce Scher

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4) Free Website Analysis Have a professional evaluate your business opportunity's. website by email.

5) Free Advertising Links Free service allows your business opportunity to build up links.

6) Free Banner Exchange Easy sign up for your business opportunity. .

7) Free Email Mailings Allows your business opportunity to email professionally.

8) Free Article Submission Write an article about your business opportunity.

9) Free Recommend A Site Allow visitors to tell their friends about your site.

10) Free Newsletter Covers all areas of web commerce.

11) Free Yahoo Store 30-day trial to test your business opportunity.

12) Free Internet Marketing Forums Discussion groups to promote your business opportunity.

Bradley Alexander, found his business opportunity as a ticket broker six months ago, says "I absolutely love working at home, I can't even remember my annoying supervisor's name any longer, I 've more profitable things to concentrate now on." Instead of supplying tickets to all events, Brad has foundrepparttar niche market of supplying tickets to rock concerts in several nearby cities duringrepparttar 117295 same tour plus offering transportation.

Bruce Scher is a home business advisor, and author of a new eBook, "Full-Time Money Part-Time Hours" "An excellent ebook" _Les Brown, Nationally Known Author

"Secrets of the Mega Associates..."

Written by George Papazoglou

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{ For tips on how to evaluate an affiliate marketing opportunity, see: }

Eventually, more ideas will "pop-up" out ofrepparttar sudden aboutrepparttar 117294 entire, step-by-step "stealth selling strategy".

The company you'll be targeting must have a marketing plan, which you can capitalize forrepparttar 117295 "brainstorming idea- generation process".

Step #4: Develop a "Solution Web Site"


All you have to do, after you religiously followedrepparttar 117296 previous steps, is to create a web site, that is:

A) Rich in content (no sales pitches).

B) Offers a free newsletter. >>> For a mailing-list system, go to:

C) Expresses and Solves Problems. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You can entirely promote your affiliate programs using an autoresponder, or your newsletter - only. Don't confuse your visitors withrepparttar 117297 flea-market syndrome!

Hint: People tend to trust more authors who understand their problems and ease their lives with accurate solutions. Copywriters also inheritrepparttar 117298 prospects' buying behavior to craft alluring sales messages.

Step #5: Promote your Web Site, Like ClockWork!

Implement in your marketing mix search engines, newsletter ads, press releases (journalists adore Solution Providers!), strategic joint ventures, free ebooks, republishing rights, offline advertising (crucial that is) and every marketing method you feel comfortable with.

The entire conceptual is to present your online business as a Humanistic-Centered Solution Provider, not another hard-selling vendor.

This methodology is exemplified as "Stealth Selling", or "Under-the-radar selling".

~~ Laugh On Your Way torepparttar 117299 Bank! ~~

Atrepparttar 117300 time your prospective visitors identify with your beliefs and appreciate your solutions, online selling becomes an enjoyable occassion.

As you become entrenched in this methodology and entire marketing conceptual, watch your mailing list getting flooded with "red-hot" / fanatical prospects, who'd love to conducting business with you and, oh,eliminate your competition... automatically.

George Papazoglou is the author behind, the "Secrets of the Mega Associates" eBook. ( URL: )

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