Business Letters: You Can't Live Without Them!

Written by From Vintage Literature

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Used rightly, it is in many respects a better medium than a personal representative. Certainly it has allrepparttar advantage on cost. A sales letter entails no heavy traveling expenses, hotel bills and entertainment charges; a red stamp carries itrepparttar 149210 length ofrepparttar 149211 land. Neither does it cool its heels inrepparttar 149212 outer office and conjure methods to reachrepparttar 149213 chief within;repparttar 149214 courtesy ofrepparttar 149215 mail lays it upon his desk. It follows up persistently when repeated personal calls would be impossible. It is a salesman that says no more and no less thanrepparttar 149216 merchant or manufacturer desires. It makes no false representations, no verbal promises that cannot be lived up to. It isrepparttar 149217 perfect servant ofrepparttar 149218 user.

But, you may say to all this, that you do not do business by mail. True, you may not conduct a mail order business. But you do have use for correspondence. You may sell your goods entirely through salesmen, yet there never was a sales force so good that it could not get more business withrepparttar 149219 help of letters fromrepparttar 149220 house.

Correspondence as you use it may serverepparttar 149221 simplest needs of routine-the acknowledgement of orders,repparttar 149222 notification of shipments-yet there is never a letter goes out in your mail that does not haverepparttar 149223 possibilities of a business getting touch. If you stop withrepparttar 149224 acknowledgement orrepparttar 149225 notification, you miss an opportunity. Go beyond and talk torepparttar 149226 man. Look at your letter through his eyes, shift yourself over into his attitude, consider, what you would do if you got that letter. Do that a few times and you will soon be wondering why you didn't rubrepparttar 149227 machine finish off your correspondence long ago, takerepparttar 149228 man-to-man attitude and talk business throughrepparttar 149229 mail. There is a place for real letters in every business and your is one of them.

Or you say that you have triedrepparttar 149230 sales letter and it has failed. Do not indictrepparttar 149231 letter for its failure. Its possibilities are there. Indict yourself rather along withrepparttar 149232 hundreds of thousands of other businessmen who have neglected to makerepparttar 149233 most of a medium that waits to do service at a minimum of cost.

The business letter isrepparttar 149234 biggest opportunity for expansion that you have today. Employed intelligently, it will find you customers, it will sell your goods, or help your salesman to sell them, it will make your name known wherever mail service penetrates.

Butrepparttar 149235 business-winning letter must berepparttar 149236 product ofrepparttar 149237 most analytical thought. If it is to serve as a salesman it must be created with allrepparttar 149238 care that you would train a salesman before you would permit him to sell your gods. If your argument is to convince it must be planned logically, if your description is to paint a mental picture it must be clear, if your appeal for action is to get results it must be a real appeal with real inducement. You must know your readers point of contact and aim your letters there.

Study your sales letters. Study every letter that goes out over your name. Does it playrepparttar 149239 part it should in your business? Give it a chance. The subsequent chapters of this book tell you how.

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Can Message Board Marketing Work For You?

Written by Lisa Packer

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Nothing ruins a forum faster than a bunch of pushy, in-your-face ads trying to disguise themselves as posts. Make sure your posts are genuine additions torepparttar conversation, not just commercials, or you’ll wind up doing yourself more harm than good. And you may even find yourself banned and your messages erased.

You’ll get more out of your message board involvement if you put more in. Ask and answer questions. Give helpful advice, without mentioning your business. Remember that your goal is to build relationships. The more good, quality free advice you can give in your area of expertiserepparttar 149194 better. Besides just being a good thing to do, it builds goodwill and positive exposure.

Think of forums as an online version of a networking group. You don’t want to berepparttar 149195 guy inrepparttar 149196 polyester suit, pushing his way into everyone’s conversation, and irritating them with constant commercials. You do want to berepparttar 149197 guy who leaves with a stack of business cards and several new relationships.

If you’ve gotrepparttar 149198 time, and can resistrepparttar 149199 temptation to be pushy, message board marketing may be justrepparttar 149200 boost your business is looking for.

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