Business Cards Go Fishing!

Written by Gloria Cohen

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What’s even more appealing about using this form of tactic is that you’ve gained two valuable things through this process. One, you have gathered email addresses, and pertinent information to build up your email database. Secondly, you are promoting your business through an effective means of offline advertising that gets noticed. Business cards are a terrific way to ‘reel’ in more visitors to your site, simply because you are offering something of interest and value for potential customers.

Business cards go fishing! It’srepparttar most versatile, affordable and portable form of marketing tool out there. Get your marketing ‘tackle’ box out and get those ‘minnows’ to your website. So, cast away folks, because people are always ‘biting’ forrepparttar 134273 next free deal!

About the Author: Gloria Cohen has a strong background in Internet marketing in helping businesses find new customers by using effective marketing strategies. Gloria is currently an editor of eMarketing Answers.

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Viral Marketing with a Powerful Twist

Written by Floyd Tapia

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Viral Marketing with a "Twist"

1. Start an online contest, drawing, etc.

2. Letrepparttar contestants know that by entering repparttar 134272 contest they're also subscribing to your publication.

3. Onrepparttar 134273 contest form, put a referral or tell a friend box where contestant can enter friends and business associates so that they will be sent an invitation to enterrepparttar 134274 contest.

But here comesrepparttar 134275 really good part... NOW we're going to add a "TWIST" to maximize your results.

- Letrepparttar 134276 contestant know that every person they refer to your contest, they will get an additional entry as well. This is part ofrepparttar 134277 powerful twist.

- Second part ofrepparttar 134278 twist: After they submitrepparttar 134279 form, give them a URL where they can check to seerepparttar 134280 "front runners" inrepparttar 134281 contest.

These last two items are what makes this so powerful. You give your contestants an extra incentive to refer more and more of their friends and a way to track their standing inrepparttar 134282 contest.

Do you see how this taps into your visitor's triggers of greed and competitive nature? Here's an example of a real contest:

If you takerepparttar 134283 time to set this up properly, you too may cause an avalanche of quality traffic and subscribers to your site.

I can't say enough aboutrepparttar 134284 importance of putting this unused, yet lucrative marketing technique into action. This IS viral marketing with a powerful twist at its best.

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Floyd Tapia is an author, business consultant and Internet marketer. His critically acclaimed newsletter: The Tapia Report offers clear cut answers and provides the latest information on the Internet's newest and sometimes controversial marketing techiques.

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