Business Benefits of the Web Standards

Written by Edward Clarke

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Higher search engine rankings

Not only will a user struggle to navigate an unusable and invalid site, so will a search engines spider. If your documents are marked up correctly and fast to load then a search engine will reward your web pages with better listings. Why serve a user a scruffy and hard to read web page when a perfectly readable and accessible page exists?

Powerful designs

CSS is an extremely flexible and powerful way of styling a website. Allrepparttar formatting is contained within one text file meaning a new design overhaul is very cost effective and fast to turn around from a designers point of view, meaning lower costs torepparttar 145805 business. If done correctly, CSS can degrade gracefully in older browsers which lack support into a perfectly readable document which isrepparttar 145806 beauty of followingrepparttar 145807 web standards.

Lower business costs

A website followingrepparttar 145808 web standards is a more efficient and smaller website in terms of file sizes and bandwidth.

This translates into reduced hosting costs. Changing contractors can be a problem ifrepparttar 145809 code is written with proprietary software that creates untidy or browser specific HTML. Following a set of standards means contractors can hitrepparttar 145810 ground running and give you far better value for money.

Author of Optimising Your Website, and an IT Consultant for local UK Government and various European Union initiatives, Edward Clarke specialises in website accessibility, css, web standards and search engine optimisation. Visit Edward's consultancy website and his blog for more information.

Bad photos turned masterpieces

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

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Not only that, by givingrepparttar best possible service, they give peoplerepparttar 145639 opportunity to becomerepparttar 145640 person that they want to become even for just a moment. How’s that for technology?

Photo Shop not only helps novice photographers createrepparttar 145641 photos they wanted, it also helps them preserved time in pictures. Before these technologies were created, onlyrepparttar 145642 professionals can create magic with their photos. It takes time and talent and a lot of patience. Now, people are capable of doing works worthy ofrepparttar 145643 professionals. The advantages of modern technology. One can never tell if by just looking ifrepparttar 145644 photo is edited or not with those innovative effects and realistic colors.

Makes one wonder about their past pictures that surely need editing. Aboutrepparttar 145645 photo you hated because you look fat on it? Orrepparttar 145646 one with your blouse getting blown byrepparttar 145647 wind.

Professionals photographers, watch out. Everywhere you look, you will find one just like you.

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