Bush vs. Kerry -- Negative Campaigning

Written by Gary R. Hess

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Bush and Cheney have also stated that a Democrat would not be able to defendrepparttar country as well as a Republican would. To that, all I have to say is Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Some other Republicans startedrepparttar 125965 Swift Boat ads and continued to smear Kerry’s name even though none ofrepparttar 125966 men claiming he lied on his reports actually served under Kerry duringrepparttar 125967 Vietnam years.

Bush has also stated that Kerry is a “flip flopper” on issues. His reasoning for this isrepparttar 125968 Vietnam War,repparttar 125969 No Child Left Behind Act andrepparttar 125970 Iraq War. All of these issues are very controversial. John Kerry did go to Vietnam, but he did it in order to serverepparttar 125971 country as many other young men and women did. He came back and protested because he saw how wrongrepparttar 125972 war was… as many other young men and women did.

The No Child Left Behind Act isrepparttar 125973 same way. Many people supported this before it got settled in, now they oppose it. The bill was set up to look like it would help American schools by giving them money, but in fact none ofrepparttar 125974 needed funds were given torepparttar 125975 schools and many of them ended up closing.

As forrepparttar 125976 Iraq War… very controversial. Bush stated that Iraq was seeking Uranium for nuclear weapons, they weren’t. Bush stated that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, they didn’t. So afterrepparttar 125977 USA finds these statements false, who wouldn’t change their mind besidesrepparttar 125978 heartless?

I wish there was a different candidate who had a legitimate chance to win, but there isn’t. We must now ask ourselves which candidate will fulfill his duties and protectrepparttar 125979 United States, betterrepparttar 125980 economy and help schools. Will Bush do these things? Perhaps, but most likely? No. Will John Kerry? Yes.

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Assault Weapons Legal

Written by Gary R. Hess

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The main reason whyrepparttar bill was not renewed isrepparttar 125964 NRA, National Rifle Association. The members ofrepparttar 125965 NRA have been waiting for this day since 1994. The group is so powerful to stop a weapon from getting banned because of their money and ability to persuaderepparttar 125966 public. Ifrepparttar 125967 members of congress were to renewrepparttar 125968 bill, their days in would be limited.

The NRA hasrepparttar 125969 power to make or breakrepparttar 125970 political career of any man or woman. They do this by spending millions of dollars placing negative ads against them. In returnrepparttar 125971 voters see politicians as ‘evil’ and vote someone else to take their place. In an election year it is extremely important torepparttar 125972 congressmen and women to stay away from such harm.

The members of Congress know thatrepparttar 125973 selling of assault weapons is immoral and should be banned. The problem is thatrepparttar 125974 NRA holds so much power they will not even bringrepparttar 125975 issue torepparttar 125976 floor.

The people ofrepparttar 125977 United States need a ban on assault weapons. Write your congressmen today to have this done.

Gary R. Hess is a writer at Opinion Articles


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