Bush's Brain is Leaking

Written by Scott C. Smith

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This again from CNN, February 11, 2004: “Bush said he has told his administration to cooperate fully withrepparttar investigation and asked anyone with knowledge ofrepparttar 150535 case to come forward.” Which brings up something else about Karl Rove. If he learnedrepparttar 150536 identity of Valerie Plame from Robert Novak in 2003, why didn’t he tell his boss about it in 2004? After all, Bush was asking “anyone” with knowledge ofrepparttar 150537 case to come forward.

Did Rove come forward? If he did, why would Bush sayrepparttar 150538 identity ofrepparttar 150539 leaker, or at leastrepparttar 150540 identity of someone involved, was not known? Possibly becauserepparttar 150541 White House has not asked Rove any questions aboutrepparttar 150542 case, andrepparttar 150543 administration continues to not ask questions of Rove. You’d think in light of allrepparttar 150544 information that has been reported, someone inrepparttar 150545 Bush administration would be trying to get torepparttar 150546 bottom of things.

Rove, being a master of politics, obviously would not volunteer to Bush what he knew. In laymen’s terms, Rove had engaged in operation CYA.

I’m trying to imagine whatrepparttar 150547 reaction would have been if, say, James Carville inrepparttar 150548 1990s didrepparttar 150549 same thing duringrepparttar 150550 Clinton presidency. Republicans would obviously be calling for Clinton to terminate Carville’s employment. But now, when it’s one of their own, Republicans will do all they can to make sure nothing happens to Karl Rove. Which is an application of situational ethics, something conservatives claim not to do. They only want to get torepparttar 150551 bottom ofrepparttar 150552 truth in cases involving Democrats. No surprises there.

About the author: Scott C. Smith is a Beaverton, Oregon freelance writer and columnist for Counterbias dot com. Scott also writes for his blog, "What’s In Scott’s Head," at Scott C. Smith dot net. Scott’s columns have also appeared at the liberal web sites Democratic Underground and The Smirking Chimp

National ID cards have more than Australians concerned

Written by Kenn Gividen (HillarysVillage.com)

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Called "Building a North American Community,"repparttar plan calls for a "community" (rather than "union") of nations. It also mandates that national borders be replaced with "common perimeters".

Those who believe Americans would never agree to such a blantant abandon of national sovereignty will be surprised to know that conversative Republican George W. Bush has already agreed torepparttar 150191 plan. Along with Mexican president Vincent Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, Bush committedrepparttar 150192 government torepparttar 150193 CFR plan on March 23, 2005. That, you will remember, is that date that Bush, Fox and Martin met at Bush's ranch and at Waco, Texas.

What a plan!

In addition to effectively erasing national borders,repparttar 150194 plan calls for American taxpayers to providerepparttar 150195 following:

• "Long-term loans in pesos" to shore up Mexico's economy • A North American Investment Fund to send U.S. private capital to Mexico. • A "permanent tribunal [ie, court] for North American dispute resolution." (And you thoughtrepparttar 150196 Supreme Court's decisions were painful.) • "Social Security Totalization Agreement negotiated betweenrepparttar 150197 United States and Mexico." That is, illegal immigrants living inrepparttar 150198 United States and will benefit fromrepparttar 150199 Social Security system, a virtual guarantee ofrepparttar 150200 its collapse. • A fund to finance 60,000 Mexican students to study in U.S. colleges.

The move in Australia to impose a national ID system on that nation's citizens will get little press attention in America, Europe or elsewhere. But once affected and proven effective, Australia's national ID program will be one more step toward internationalism,repparttar 150201 demise of national sovereignty and an end to personal liberty.

And it's all sold as an antidote for terrorism.


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