Burns and Burn Treatments

Written by Steve Larson

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Treatment Second degree burns require medical assistance and antibiotics are often prescribed to helprepparttar healing process. Call for medical help as soon asrepparttar 147277 burn occurs and make sure not to apply any form of lotion or greasy substance torepparttar 147278 wound. These trap in heat and preventrepparttar 147279 wound from healing correctly.

3.Third Degree Burns Third degree burns destroyrepparttar 147280 dermis and epidermis and often affect other organs, tissues and bones. Third degree burns are consideredrepparttar 147281 most serious of burns and often produce charred patches onrepparttar 147282 skin which are white, brown or black. There will likely be very little pain for a victim experiencing a third degree burn sincerepparttar 147283 nerves will likely be destroyed andrepparttar 147284 victim may be in shock.

Treatment All third degree burns require medical attention and it is crucial to getrepparttar 147285 victim torepparttar 147286 hospital (or an ambulance on scene) immediately. You can assistrepparttar 147287 victim by removing jewelry and tight clothing fromrepparttar 147288 burnt area before swelling occurs. Do not try and remove clothes if they are stuck torepparttar 147289 wound. Never apply ice, cold water, lotions, ointments sprays or any other form of liquid torepparttar 147290 wound. Third degree burns often require cosmetic surgery or skin grafting in order to heal.

Learning and understandingrepparttar 147291 types of burns and their treatment methods can potentially save your own life orrepparttar 147292 life of someone else.

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When considering a lift chair...

Written by Joe Williamsburg

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Do you need a straight back, two, three or infinite position lift chair? Straight back lift chairs do not recline. Because they are lighter and more portable, straight back lift chairs are better suited forrepparttar dinner table, living room, office or any room where assistance is needed. 2-position lift chairs have 2 recline positions: straight, and "TV recline", which is leaned slightly back for reading, relaxing or watching television. 3-position lift chairs have 3 recline positions: straight, TV recline and "full recline". Infinite position lift chairs have independently operated back and leg movement for an infinite number of recline positions from straight up to "sleep recline", which is allrepparttar 147276 way flat like a bed.

Do you require heat and massage from your lift chair? Some lift chairs come with a heat & massage option which operates onrepparttar 147277 lower back only. Deluxe heat & massage is also available on some lift chairs, which heats and massagesrepparttar 147278 lower back, seat and legs.

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