Burning A iTunes CD Without Folders / Flat MP3 CD

Written by Bill Holder

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The solution: create a (smart) playlist in iTunes, fill it up and sort on artist or album. Create a new playlist in iTunes, DO NOT sort on anything. Select all songs fromrepparttar first playlist and drag them torepparttar 150723 second. The second list retainsrepparttar 150724 sort order ofrepparttar 150725 first one, without any activated sort order inrepparttar 150726 playlist itself. Burn MP3 CD. Result: a 'flat' CD.

It seems that as soon as you sort a playlist on anything in iTunes, any MP3 CD burned from that list result in neatly organized MP3 CDs that are unfortunately unreadable by my car MP3 player. Only fresh, unsorted playlists result in all files onrepparttar 150727 first level ofrepparttar 150728 CD.

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Find out the Passion of Other ATV Advocates

Written by Mitch Johnson

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Here you rent different available styles and brands of ATVs to ride throughrepparttar trails. Being able to rent and try out varying types of ATVs can be an advantage when it comes to buying your own. Some areas allow you to use your own ATV, but most people who have their own four wheelers also have their own land to ride on or a location they are always allowed to ride on free of charge.

In some exotic locations or areas that are highly natural,repparttar 150722 ATV trails are incorporated with nature trails. On these types of trails your are not limited torepparttar 150723 fast, racy driving allowed, butrepparttar 150724 guide will often stop at selected spots to point out a scenic outlook or interesting piece of nature. Opposite ofrepparttar 150725 nature trails are other established trails forrepparttar 150726 public to be used specifically for racing. This type of ATV trails isrepparttar 150727 competitive aspect ofrepparttar 150728 sport. Some enjoy riding forrepparttar 150729 sole rush of getting through rough terrain and others get a rush from racing against someone else throughrepparttar 150730 forest. Any type of ATVing you choose to participate in worth a try and it will surely to keep you coming back time and time again.

Mitch Johnson is a successful freelance author that writes regularly for http://www.atv-parts-n-accessories.com/ , a site that focuses exclusively on atv reviews, as well as tips on choosing parts and accessories. His articles have also been featured on recreational automotive sites such as http://www.go-cart-plans-n-kits.com/ and http://www.best-scooters-n-mopeds.com/

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