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Written by Michelle Wollaston

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Weight lifting is another great exercise for losing weight because it will build muscle and muscle burns fat. Yep, that's true. The more muscle you haverepparttar more fat your body burns every day. Don't get me wrong - I am talking easy weight lifting, such as with 5 or 10 pound weights, and limit this to about 20 minutes a day, every other day. Alternate walking and weight lifting duringrepparttar 131183 week - take Sunday Off. It is really that simple! Start your walking program easy too. Start with 5 minutes out, and then come back. Over time increase to 10 minutes out, and then come back; then 15, then 20. 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back - 40 minutes total every other day. Then stay consistent! One ofrepparttar 131184 biggest problems with strenuous exercise is that people sometimes injure themselves early on inrepparttar 131185 program, and then that'srepparttar 131186 end of it! All you need to do is walk and weight lift - light workouts. And once you have gotten started, do it consistently. This easy exercise program combined with a program of nutrition, information, and personal coaching can be just your ticket, to getting rid of those unwanted pounds forever.

Michelle is a personal wellness coach who will cut through the diet-hype and help you reach your goal weight. No public 'weigh-ins', meetings that cost you money or fads...simply results you will love! You can receive a free consultation. Visit today: www.w8off4ever.net.

Buyer Beware! Purchasing Fat Burners and Other Supplements Online

Written by Paul Crane

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Good luck getting your refund.

And when you buy products in this manner, often you'll get added to a recurring billing option without your consent. In other words, you'll receive another bottle ofrepparttar product every 30 days and your credit card will be charged accordingly.

Again, good luck getting your refund.

Bottom line?

Advertising and selling in this manner makes it very easy forrepparttar 131181 manufacturer to avoidrepparttar 131182 issue of accountability torepparttar 131183 customer. And most manufacturers use call centers, professional warehousing and drop shipping facilities to further isolate themselves from contact with their clients. Chances are that should you order such a product, you won't get a company representative onrepparttar 131184 phone, but a call-center employee with performance-based incentives. Is thatrepparttar 131185 sort of company you'd like to do business with?

By declining to sell their products in a local retail environment, manufacturers are able to isolate themselves fromrepparttar 131186 local merchants who could demand large volumes of refunds, and threaten their business by refusing to stock a low-quality product. Additionally, it also makes it more difficult for bad product word-of-mouth to circulate amongst consumers.


There are several recommendations I have for purchasing fat burners or any other supplements...

1) Do not buy products advertised on TV,repparttar 131187 radio, orrepparttar 131188 Internet unless...

a) those products CAN by purchased from a local retailer. That way, you'll have some recourse should you be unhappy withrepparttar 131189 product. While not all companies who advertise in this manner are deceptive or unethical, there is greater likelihood you will experience an issue with a merchant who advertises in this manner and does not maintain a local presence.

b)repparttar 131190 product is sold by a well-recognized, respectable brand company.

2) Buy only well-recognized brand names with a established history inrepparttar 131191 supplement industry (e.g.., MuscleTech, Isatori, Champion Nutrition, BioTest, EAS, and so on). I'm not sayingrepparttar 131192 major brands always create better products. I am saying, however, that their "brand" and reputation does mean something to them, and they do recognizerepparttar 131193 value of a long term repeat customer. 9 times out of 10, if you have a problem with a product, you can phone such a manufacturer for a refund directly.

Onrepparttar 131194 other hand, products marketed online or on TV do not have a "brand". So it does not matter whatrepparttar 131195 reputation of that brand is, or how it resonates with consumers, sincerepparttar 131196 manufacturer will simply create a new one forrepparttar 131197 next product.

3) Establish a relationship with a local or online merchant, and make all your purchases from that merchant. Trusted, valued customers can always take their complaints to a good merchant, who knows it is in his/her best interest to look after them.

Inrepparttar 131198 end, losing weight is hard enough without having to worry about losing your money, too. Your best bet is always to purchase brand name products from a trusted local retailer.

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