Bunk bed shopping - 10 point safety checklist to protect your children

Written by S.A. Smith

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Sturdy ladder construction

Make surerepparttar ladder in well constructed and is firmly attached and bolted torepparttar 100087 bed frame. Test it out with your own weight - if it moves around it is not safe.

Sturdy mattress support

A lot of injuries are caused by children inrepparttar 100088 lower bunks pushing up onrepparttar 100089 underside ofrepparttar 100090 top bunk and dislodgingrepparttar 100091 mattress or support frame. Ensurerepparttar 100092 top bunk has sturdy mattress supports that are secured torepparttar 100093 bed frame with bolts or screws. You don't want a floating board support system, as these will move around and can possibly fall throughrepparttar 100094 opening.

Repair and maintenance

Immediately replace or repair any loose or missing fasteners onrepparttar 100095 bed. Periodically checkrepparttar 100096 tightness of fasteners holdingrepparttar 100097 bed together, as well asrepparttar 100098 cross support rails holdingrepparttar 100099 upper mattress.

Safe use

Teach your children not to push up onrepparttar 100100 underside ofrepparttar 100101 bed, or to climb on it like a jungle gym. Proper safety is important at all times, and you may wish to also use a night light nearrepparttar 100102 ladder so children can seerepparttar 100103 ladder steps inrepparttar 100104 dark.

If you follow these basic tips then you should get years of safe enjoyment out of your new bunk bed. For more bunk bed resources and tips you can visit http://www.loft-beds-bunk-beds.com/bunk-beds.htm

S.A. Smith is a freelance writer, contributor, and editor of the Loft Beds Bunk Beds resource site, and can be reached at http://www.loft-beds-bunk-beds.com


Written by John Rocco

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is flush withrepparttar exterior material, such as inrepparttar 100086 case of stucco, then you want to getrepparttar 100087 retrofit frame, which comes withrepparttar 100088 outside fin. That will eliminaterepparttar 100089 need to trimrepparttar 100090 outside. If you have brick or siding surroundingrepparttar 100091 opening, then you need to get a replacement frame and trimrepparttar 100092 outside yourself. You can use wood, vinyl, or other composite materials available in most major hardware store chains. You also need to measurerepparttar 100093 depth ofrepparttar 100094 old frame. The majority of vinyl replacement doors have a frame depth of 4 3/4". Most door openings, when framed, have a depth of 5 1/2" torepparttar 100095 innermost surface ofrepparttar 100096 wall, whether it's drywall, plaster, or whatever else. Therefore, when you installrepparttar 100097 new door, you will need to add some sort of trim product to buildrepparttar 100098 inside ofrepparttar 100099 door frame so it is flush withrepparttar 100100 wall surface. We sell vinyl extrusions specifically for this purpose. It's a two piece system that allows you to bringrepparttar 100101 frame flush withrepparttar 100102 wall, then applyrepparttar 100103 molding torepparttar 100104 wall and door frame to finish it. Pictures and descriptions ofrepparttar 100105 products are available by going to http://www.how-to-install-windows.com and clicking on "shop".

You want to be sure and order all ofrepparttar 100106 materials you will need to dorepparttar 100107 job atrepparttar 100108 same time that you orderrepparttar 100109 replacement door. That way, whenrepparttar 100110 new door comes in 2 to 4 weeks later, you will have everything ready to dorepparttar 100111 job. In addition to any trim needed, you are also going to need caulk, a roll of R-13 Insulation, liquid nails forrepparttar 100112 track, 4" deck screws, shims, dust masks, and safety glasses. Oncerepparttar 100113 new door arrives, it will be time to take outrepparttar 100114 old door. That will be our topic in next week's article.

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978. To learn more, visit How To Install Windows

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978. To learn more, visit How To Install Windows

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