Bullmastiff Complete Profile

Written by Dooziedog.com

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Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Powerful, symmetrical, strong but not ungainly. Colour: All tones of red, fawn or brindle. The muzzle is black and fades towardsrepparttar eyes with dark markings aroundrepparttar 147986 eyes. Coat: Short, dense, close torepparttar 147987 body and weather resistant. Tail: Set high, tapering, carried straight out or curved up. Ears: V-shaped, folded back, set high and hanging close torepparttar 147988 cheeks. Body: The chest is deep, wide and compact. The back is short and level with a broad, muscular loin.

Additional Comments:

The Bullmastiff is sensitive torepparttar 147989 tone of their handlers voice and don't tend to be difficult, but they do require someone who can assert authority. Bullmastiffs enjoy exercise but are not as demanding as other dog breeds of this size.

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Frosty, The Wandering Vagabond Cat

Written by Michael LaRocca

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I was able to determine who won those fights. If it was a plastic bowl, Bebe carried it away and aterepparttar food. If it was ceramic, Daisy aterepparttar 147985 food. Thus I could regulate their weights, and ensure that they alternated.

When Pumpkin arrived, he ate after Taz was done. He never emptiedrepparttar 147986 bowl, having gorged on mice. Then Daisy and Bebe fought forrepparttar 147987 leftovers.

With Frosty, everything changed. Witchie still ate first, with Taz sitting guard duty and keeping Frosty away. Then Frosty ate next, at which point Daisy ran torepparttar 147988 kitchen and waited. This was because Frosty pushedrepparttar 147989 bowl all overrepparttar 147990 counter. Daisy knew it would soon hitrepparttar 147991 floor, or at least make its way torepparttar 147992 edge where she could steal it.

I didn't mind that Frosty didn't eat much, since he was fat. Taz didn't mind not getting any, because there was always a bowl of dog food. Bebe lost weight, which was good because overweight dachshunds wind up with broken backs. Daisy was getting fat, but eventually I worked that out too. It took me two years to do it, though.

When Lisa and I worked outrepparttar 147993 terms of our divorce, we quickly decided that I'd keep Daisy and Bebe, and she'd keep her horses and her Siamese cats.

Frosty, she decided, would have to go. She would be smuggling her two precious Siamese into a no-pets apartment, but Frosty wouldn't like it at all because he was an outdoorsman and a free spirit.

I was sellingrepparttar 147994 house and moving into an apartment myself, leading torepparttar 147995 same problem, but if she couldn't find Frosty a good home I'd find a way to keep him somehow. He deservedrepparttar 147996 best.

Lisa gave Frosty to Shannon, owner ofrepparttar 147997 boarding stable whererepparttar 147998 horses were living. We thought he'd be much happier there than with me, since he'd grown so used torepparttar 147999 company of other cats, so Frosty moved in with Shannon's barn cats. I figured he'd be rulingrepparttar 148000 roost beforerepparttar 148001 day was over, and when I visited him a week later, he was.

About a week after that, I was typing at my computer when I heard a familiar noise out onrepparttar 148002 porch. It was a meow. I recognizedrepparttar 148003 voice, as did Taz andrepparttar 148004 dogs. Witchie recognized it as well, and she scowled angrily.

He'd lost a bit of weight, yes, but Frosty had returned home. A mile or so downrepparttar 148005 road, and he'd simply decided he didn't like it there. I assumed I'd be keeping him after all, but he had other plans.

A few days later, one of Lisa's coworkers dropped in because we were selling furniture and such. Frosty, now fat again, decided he would go home with her. He rubbed all over her legs, purring loudly, looking up with lovesick eyes.

"He's free if you want him," said Lisa.

"Oh, he's beautiful, but I can't take him. I already have two cats."

"Frosty won't mind. He lives with two now."

"Oh, but these are males. They'd fight."

"Frosty's big enough to take care of himself."

"My cats are pretty big, too."

This conversation lasted another two or three minutes, during which Frosty continued to woo and charmrepparttar 148006 lady as only he can. Heck, I didn't realizerepparttar 148007 old boy had it in him. But he was in love.

Come to think of it, I didn't choose him when I visitedrepparttar 148008 Humane Society. He chose me.

Finally she picked him up. I suspect she already knew what a big mistake that was.

"Well,repparttar 148009 other two stay outdoors," she finally said. "Maybe Frosty could be an indoor cat. Do you think he'd be okay indoors?"

"Oh yeah," Lisa lied, "He loves it indoors. He'd be great."

This isrepparttar 148010 cat who, on his first day inrepparttar 148011 house, howled and clawedrepparttar 148012 inside ofrepparttar 148013 door until I let him out. When he was ready to come inside, he leaped ontorepparttar 148014 window screen behindrepparttar 148015 TV and yelled. He usually found himself onrepparttar 148016 wrong side ofrepparttar 148017 door about once every five minutes, as if he'd had a cat door at his previous home. He never stopped doing those things.

But I'm sure Frosty made his own rules, as always, and lived happily with his new love and her two cats. Really, I think Frosty is just one of those who likes to move to a new home every year.

But he has to choose his new home, you see. Shannon -- no. This woman -- yes.

By now he's probably tired of her and moved onto greener pastures yet again. Maybe one day, if you're very lucky, he'll come spend a year with you.

Michael publishes a free weekly newsletter, WHO MOVED MY RICE?, which is dedicated to proving that you can't eat grits with chopsticks. http://www.chinarice.org

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