Bullet Proof Yourself

Written by Josh Hinds

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I believe thatrepparttar person with several skills (i.e. something to fall back on) worries less about things that are out of their control. Things like downturns inrepparttar 124031 economy, corporate layoffs and things along those lines. The reason is not always that he or she is less prone to these unfortunate realities then you or I.

Rather, it's that through acquiring extra skill sets they don't feel as though they are "locked" in to one particular job or career. They are for all practical purposes more flexible with regards to opporunities inrepparttar 124032 market place.

My friend, I urge you to get started now onrepparttar 124033 path of adding to your portfolio of skills. You deserverepparttar 124034 peace of mind that comes with it. Keep in mind that you don't have to set out to changerepparttar 124035 world. Start small and finish big. Develop yourself, and your world will evolve around you... Your friend in cyberspace, Josh Hinds

Josh Hinds is a syndicated columnist on the subject of personal development, and founder of the web site http://GetMotivation.com - as well as the ezines - Let's Talk Motivation! Subscribe at http://getmotivation.com/ezines.html

Reach Out For Your Dreams

Written by Josh Hinds

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Yet at this point most often they tend to move onto other areas of achievement. Not acceptingrepparttar status quo. Choosing to move forward towards new goals, and things that stand in their path. Though they may come from vastly differing backgrounds, each has found within themselves their ability to turn dreams into reality.

When you read this it is my hope that you take from thisrepparttar 124030 knowledge that you, are just as they are. You are in fact an achiever. Just like these people you will have adversity. You may have more then your fair share of shortcomings. You may experience what seems to be atrepparttar 124031 time an inordinate amount of failure in your life.

Even so, you are still an achiever. You have more greatness in you then you can ever know. I hope that you will choose to userepparttar 124032 power of persistence to your benefit, as all those achievers before you have. In doing so I am certain you will accomplish much more than you can imagine you are capable of at this point in your life. Dare to dream, but even more importantly, dare to put action behinds your dreams... Your friend in cyberspace, Josh Hinds

Written by Josh Hinds of http://www.GetMotivation.com Sign up for my ezine at http://www.GetMotivation.com/ezines.html Josh is also the co-founder of http://www.AudioMotivation.com - which includes an abundance of self-improvement resources as well as exclusive audio interviews with leading experts in the areas of motivation and personal development.

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