"Building your Business for Success in 2002."

Written by Paul Barrs

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It's a proven fact that most people will not buy from you on their first contact. There are no exceptions to this rule. A prospective customer must have exposure to your business an average of 5 - 8 times (depending on your products and services) before they will even contact you.

The world of professional selling tells us that most sales closes take place onrepparttar 7th contact.

What does this tell you?

If you work so hard at getting new people to your business front, but then not getting them to come back - you're building for failure.

Don't do it!

Stop right now and look at your sales systems. Do they make allowances for automatic or semi-automatic follow up? Do you offer Autoresponders from your website? Do you have an offline sales letter follow up plan. Do you use contact management software so that you don't loose track of potential customers?

Why do you thinkrepparttar 117897 Pro's in your industry arerepparttar 117898 top income earners? Think about that. They keep in touch with people.

3. Get them to refer their friends, family and associates.

This isrepparttar 117899 cream ofrepparttar 117900 crop.

When you set out in your business, you must focus 80% of your time on getting new contacts. As your business develops, you must then change that focus to 80% gaining referrals.

Referrals arerepparttar 117901 sweetest prospective customers of all. They are already pre-qualified. They already want what you have to offer.

And you don't have to spend a cent getting them!

If your business is online, you can do this with a simple, click and refer a friend script. If you're not onrepparttar 117902 web, you can do this by using a business card referral system.

But even more - are you ready forrepparttar 117903 kicker?

You must ASK people for their referrals!

When you've got a great product and a great service, it fantastic. But there is really no point in working really hard to get a brand new fresh customer at great expense when all you have to do is ASK your existing customers for a few referrals.

Don't be shy. You ask, and most of them will happily give.

It's that easy. Easy to do, easy not to do.

Can you seerepparttar 117904 pattern developing here,repparttar 117905 difference between success and failure, those that do and those that don't?

All these things are easy to do. They are, really. But most people opt forrepparttar 117906 easier choice - not to do.

The choice is yours. Build your business for success in 2002 with qualified customer flow and you will reaprepparttar 117907 rewards.


Paul Barrs is the creator of the 12-month "Home Business Mastery - Home Study Course." as well as being a professional speaker, trainer and presenter. He would like to offer you a free subscription to his "Home Business Gold Online Audio e-Magazine" where each week you'll receive a free audio seminar delivered to your in-box. To get your subscription, go now to http://www.paulbarrs.com/news.htm today.

How To Ignite The Explosive Power of Questions Under Your Business!

Written by Mike Jones

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HOW This question also belongs inrepparttar top 3. How demands a method or a plan.

Examples: How can I improverepparttar 117896 look of my web site? How can I sharpen that advertising headline? How can I reach $X of sales this month?

WHEN This one is also a heavyweight because it creates urgency, action! It'srepparttar 117897 great antidote for procrastination. It calls for a deadline!

Examples: When will I employ that new business plan? When am I going to optimize my web site? When am I going to research a new product line?

The 3 secondary question devices:

WHO/WHICH Who helps you organize assistance and support! Which helps narrow down choices.

Examples: Who isrepparttar 117898 best person to help me with this project? Which organization or company can give merepparttar 117899 services/support I require? Who is going to buy this product? Who is going to be attracted by this advert? Which font will look best on this website? Which color best suits my web site theme?

WHERE Where gets us thinking about location and position.

Examples: Where do I want my business to be in 1 month's time? Where can I findrepparttar 117900 best merchant bank onrepparttar 117901 internet? Where are prospective customers going to look for me? Where are most of my hits coming from?

WHAT What challengesrepparttar 117902 brain to come up with facts! This makes analysis much more accurate.

Examples: What marketing methods are my competitors using right now? What isrepparttar 117903 first impression a visitor receives when arriving at my web site? What isrepparttar 117904 percentage click thru rate from my banner ads? What isrepparttar 117905 best price for this product?

If you subject your business torepparttar 117906 full force of this kind of question blasting, your business will never remainrepparttar 117907 same. Questions provoke thought, change, improvement.

Usingrepparttar 117908 above format, take 10 minutes of quiet time today and igniterepparttar 117909 explosive power of questions under your business!

Mike Jones writes regularly in The High Achievers Journal. Subscribe to receive great articles on creativity, communication skills, marketing strategies, speed learning, image building. mailto:highachievers-subscribe@egroups.com or browse Mike's web site here: http://www.vitalstop.com

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