Building eCommerce Websites That Work - Part 1

Written by Richard Keir

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You should collect your own customer evaluations - separately. Don't rely exclusively on any monitoring or customer satisfaction surveys provided byrepparttar call center. Track your ROI to be sure it's money well-spent. Don't stop monitoring just becauserepparttar 139099 results looked good forrepparttar 139100 first two or three months. Things change. Make sure you're tracking desired actions linked torepparttar 139101 call center separately from those NOT related to call-in or live chat. Mixing outcomes leaves you inrepparttar 139102 dark about what's really happening. You probably should have an attractive website. An ugly site can work, but to do that you need to absolutely know exactly what you're doing and why it should work. And you'll have to test like crazy to optimize (of course, you should be doing that anyway). The ugly site tactic is not forrepparttar 139103 inexperienced. Very few individuals really haverepparttar 139104 grasp of marketing, market and customer psychology that makes for a successful "ugly" site.

To provide a pleasant experience, you need to be careful in what you use - colors, text-size, graphics, animation and white space can add value to your site or turn it into a user nightmare. Test your site with people who will tell yourepparttar 139105 truth. Just because you love it doesn't mean anyone else will. In general, aiming for a professional appearing site is your best option. Look forrepparttar 139106 highest ranked, busiest sites in your business area and studyrepparttar 139107 layouts they use. Extractrepparttar 139108 common features that you see on those sites. While other factors heavily influence traffic and ranking, appearance has a strong effect on visitors and sites that do testing evolve toward optimizing visitor behavior.

Keep in mind that a site's desired actions affectrepparttar 139109 design and layout. You'll want to study sites where those actions are most similar torepparttar 139110 desired actions you target on your web site. If your goal is direct product sales, there's not much point in emulating a site that's optimized for newsletter sign-ups or AdSense.

If your main goal is direct sales (and if it is, then you need backend products too), provide incentives for customers to buy AND to return. The return factor is critical to a long-term strategy for success. Anyone who buys is your best possible future customer. Keep them, track them, make them special offers. Use coupons, discounts, special deals, customer-only offers and back end sales. Your customer base is your gold mine. Since they've shown enough faith in you to buy, do your utmost to never damage that faith. Treat them likerepparttar 139111 priceless resource they are. Think long-term: successful eCommerce websites are all about value and customer service.

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A1 Technology Launches its independent SEO division A-1 Internetdesign

Written by John Parker

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service to its existing clients. Asrepparttar importance ofrepparttar 139090 search engines grew in doing business overrepparttar 139091 internet,repparttar 139092 requirements ofrepparttar 139093 clients also grew to include other marketing techniques torepparttar 139094 portfolio. Ecommerce Maintenance projects were also being accepted that included SEO as a central task. In order to give greater independence, it was decided to turnrepparttar 139095 division into a separate entity.

The new company underrepparttar 139096 name of A-1 Internetdesign Inc. would provide Ecommerce maintenance services including Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Email marketing, ongoing development and design alterations. The offshoring advantage will ensure thatrepparttar 139097 prices are competitive. Allrepparttar 139098 services can be seen atrepparttar 139099 company’s corporate website

The author of this article is John Parker, A-1 Technology, Inc, an offshore outsourcing company

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