Building an Email Marketing List

Written by Megan Corwin

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- Provide valuable content in your communications. Offer tips and advice forrepparttar customer along side your marketing message to keep it from being too "sales-y." - Ask for valuable marketing data onrepparttar 109553 sign-up form. Pick only one or two things to keeprepparttar 109554 registration process short and easy. What data could really help you with your marketing? Knowing their gender, age, location, interests?

DON'T: - Sell or give away your list. - Fill up their inbox with messages. Keep to a monthly or weekly schedule at most. - Bog your message down with lots of advertising. It will quickly be deleted.

It can take time and effort to build your internet marketing list, butrepparttar 109555 results will be well worth it.

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Lifetime Email Addresses

Written by Stephen Cope

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Email forwarding

This is a popular technique for providing "lifetime email addresses". The email provider never re-allocates your email address and forwards all mail addressed to this address to another address (your current address) which you provide. This is commonly provided by universities and colleges for students. The problem with this type of arrangement all hinge aroundrepparttar fact that you don't controlrepparttar 109552 email address. There are things that could happen that would mean you don't receive email from this address; such as: * The email provider changes its policy and decides stoprepparttar 109553 service or charge forrepparttar 109554 service. * The email provider ceases to exists and hence doesn't renew its domain name. * You change your email provider and forget to informrepparttar 109555 other email provider to forward to a new address.

Register your own Domain Name

This isrepparttar 109556 only way to guarantee that you truly have a lifetime email address. Because you register your own domain name you have complete control. The advantages are: * Complete control of domain name- you choose it and it's registered to you not to an email provider. * Complete control ofrepparttar 109557 email addresses * Unlimited email addresses. * Can be cheaper if you need lots of email addresses. * You could have a domain name for allrepparttar 109558 family. * You can use it for your Website as well. The disadvantages are * More complex as you have to a) registerrepparttar 109559 name and b) find an email provider.- Most domain name providers will also provide mailbox space and forwarding services. * Can be more costly. * Need to renewrepparttar 109560 domain name each year or you will loose it.

This is my preferred method and so if you are Interested in registering your own domain name and using it for email I will be covering it in a future articles.

Stephen Cope is a freelance trainer and the Webmaster at - making a website†and IncrediMail and Outlook Express Updates.

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