Building a Simple Book Shelf

Written by Dave Markel

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Base The base wraps three sides ofrepparttar book shelf withrepparttar 145055 back being left open. The base is 3 high and is mitered atrepparttar 145056 corners. It can be attached by drilling a countersink and driving a 3 screw intorepparttar 145057 bottom ofrepparttar 145058 first shelf.

Onrepparttar 145059 two side pieces attach at each end and withrepparttar 145060 front attach at each end plus once inrepparttar 145061 center. The miters can be reinforced with biscuits.

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Wood Panels and Humidity

Written by Dave Markel

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The end secured with two dowels will develop a crack inrepparttar main panel. Sincerepparttar 145028 length ofrepparttar 145029 edge piece doesn't change having it fixed acrossrepparttar 145030 width ofrepparttar 145031 main panel from expanding.

Alternatively,repparttar 145032 opposite end ofrepparttar 145033 cutting board is only fixed inrepparttar 145034 center. The main panel is free to expand and contract towardsrepparttar 145035 ends. The only visual difference would be thatrepparttar 145036 ends ofrepparttar 145037 edge piece are no longer flush withrepparttar 145038 edge ofrepparttar 145039 main panel.

The second example uses a large glued up panel such as a table top. Ifrepparttar 145040 table top was fixed torepparttar 145041 rails acrossrepparttar 145042 width ofrepparttar 145043 panelrepparttar 145044 rise and fall of humidity would undoudtable causerepparttar 145045 panel to split.

The best method to overcome this is use wooden clip to attachrepparttar 145046 two pieces. A 1/4" x 1/4" dado milled onrepparttar 145047 inside upper edge ofrepparttar 145048 rails. This accepts a wooden clip that fits intorepparttar 145049 dado and is then secures torepparttar 145050 underside ofrepparttar 145051 table top. This will security holdrepparttar 145052 top holdrepparttar 145053 top ontorepparttar 145054 rails without restrictingrepparttar 145055 expansion and contraction ofrepparttar 145056 large panel. Without thisrepparttar 145057 table top would slowly start to open up.

In general anytime you are fixing one piece of stock across a large glued up panel measures need to be taken to allowrepparttar 145058 panel to move. Remember that it will expand across its width but not its length. Using one ofrepparttar 145059 two methods mentioned above you will be able to prevent your glued up panels from splitting.

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