Building a Resume Writing Service for Profit

Written by Randy Wilson

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Offer free advice on your web site. Rather than "giving away" advice, you are establishing yourself as an expert who has even more to offer.

A resume writing service is notrepparttar type of business that has many repeat customers. (Actually, a repeat customer in this business is kind of a bad thing.) Don't expect a lot of repeat customers, but do make it easy for your customers to refer their job-seeking friends and family members. Your business depends on word of mouth.

Training, Skills or Experience Needed:

A professional writing service is driven more by results and marketing than a particular college degree. Becoming certified byrepparttar 147573 Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW) orrepparttar 147574 National Resume Writers Association (NRWA) can help establish your credentials.

Educate yourself by studyingrepparttar 147575 resumes of current and past job seekers. Searchrepparttar 147576 web; they're easy to find. Look for examples ofrepparttar 147577 good,repparttar 147578 bad, andrepparttar 147579 just plain ugly. This will be some ofrepparttar 147580 biggest help in preparing you to produce resumes from scratch.

There are many books and online tutorials dedicated to whatrepparttar 147581 authors consider to berepparttar 147582 best advice for writing a resume. Read them all, connectrepparttar 147583 dots, and you will come away with a realistic understanding of what employers seek in a resume.

Helpful Books or Trade Publications:

  • How to Start a Home-Based Resume Business

  • Start Your Own Resume Writing Business

  • Resume Magic: Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer

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  • Greeting Cards as Client Gifts

    Written by Meredith Gossland of

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    Send greeting cards torepparttar pet directly with a coupon for dog treats or other pet supplies from a local pet supply store.

    Real Estate Agents - Photograph your clients new home. Make 20 copies, put them in photo frame cards and give them to your client as "we've moved" cards to send to their friends. (not recommended for fixer upper homes)

    If your client lives atrepparttar 147545 beach send cards with ocean motifs.

    Go to mapquest or yahoo maps print outrepparttar 147546 map ofrepparttar 147547 immediate area of your clients new home make copies and slip into a photo frame. Mark their house's location with a happy face.

    Auto Repair or custom shop Take before and after photos, sliprepparttar 147548 "before" photo into a photo card and attachrepparttar 147549 "after" picture torepparttar 147550 inside ofrepparttar 147551 card when you ask for referrals.

    These are just a few examples ofrepparttar 147552 power of greeting cards in making a real connection with your clients. The cost $5-$10, butrepparttar 147553 result is a card that has real meaning torepparttar 147554 client. This kind of greeting card will generate conversation and referrals. A word of surerepparttar 147555 photographs are close ups withrepparttar 147556 pet (no red eye please), house or car clearly visible.

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