Building a Home Additon

Written by Mark J. Donovan

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If an architect is not planned forrepparttar project, thenrepparttar 100448 homeowner should at least make some sketches ofrepparttar 100449 home exterior withrepparttar 100450 new addition. The building inspector will probably require them anyways duringrepparttar 100451 permit process. Also, there are many Home Design software packages onrepparttar 100452 market today that can help create such drawings.

Schedule and Sweat Equity Commitment

The next two items that should be considered includerepparttar 100453 timetable for completingrepparttar 100454 project andrepparttar 100455 homeowner sweaty equity commitment level. Many homeowners assume they can do a lot more than they are either skilled to do or haverepparttar 100456 time to do. From personal experience, I would suggest contracting outrepparttar 100457 site/ground work, rough framing, roofing, siding, heating/cooling, andrepparttar 100458 drywall. All of these tasks require skill, time and brawn. If local laws permit, electric and plumbing may be tackled byrepparttar 100459 homeowner. However, both require skill and can be life threatening if not performed properly. Other tasks that a homeowner could tackle include installing interior doors, finish trim, painting, cabinet installation, tiling and hardwood flooring. Prior to a homeowner signing up to any specific task however, they should first honestly assess their skill and available time, and compare them to their project schedule. If they don’t match, hirerepparttar 100460 contractor. Threshold of Inconvenience and Disruption

Finally, a homeowner should consider their threshold for inconvenience and disruption. A home addition, particularly if it involvesrepparttar 100461 kitchen, is very disruptive to today’s busy lifestyles. It is also a dusty, dirty and noisy endeavor. In addition, dealing with subcontractors can be challenging at times. For a typical addition anticipate several months of effort and inconvenience.

If after assessing all these issues you are still willing to move forward withrepparttar 100462 project, contact your subcontractors, pull your permits and get ready for an exciting time. For most homeowners tackling a home addition is a positive experience that provides both new living space and a great investment.

Over the past 20+ years Mr. Donovan has been involved with building homes and additions to homes. Mr. Donovan's formal education and profession have been as an Electrical Engineer and Marketing Manager.

Smart Home Networking

Written by Leviton Integrated Networks

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