Building a Free or Low Cost Website

Written by Mike Harding

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Publishing When you sign up with your web host, you will be given a method to upload your files. (Web based, FTP, etc.). Any of these methods are great, but I prefer FTP and recommend it to advanced users. Web based upload is usually very simple, but FTP is handy when you would rather not open your web browser, and simply connect straight torepparttar ftp server with ftp software (CuteFTP recommended).

Uploading is usually easy, but can take a while with a slow connection.

Recommendations There are some things that have helped me onrepparttar 134724 way to an extremely low cost web site, one of which is my love for design andrepparttar 134725 rush you get when people all overrepparttar 134726 world are visiting your web site;repparttar 134727 other physical attributes are listed below with details. - Visit for HTML lessons, tips, and webmaster utilities. - To register a domain name I suggest you visit . - To get free banner less web space, visit . - To upload to ftp servers, I suggest you download CuteFTP from . - To put banners on your site to make you money, visit - To speed up your internet connection by 100% for free (yes it really works) visit .

Mike Harding was interested in web design from a very early age and built his first website then. Since then he has progressed in his hobby and his latest project, was born in 2001. provides its visitors with musical resources, band reviews etc., forums, web search, downloads, and more.

Website designers and designing

Written by Judy Gillis

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quickly as possible, without allrepparttar extraneous trappings I've already mentioned. If you think you haverepparttar 134723 time to learn how to design your own website, I have good news for you. Forgive me "plugging" someone else's business, but I've never regrettedrepparttar 134724 time I've spent on this site: . Check it out for some really great FREE tutorials on web design. Victoria teaches with Netscape Composer (part of Communicator 4.7 and downloadable free), but if you want to use another type of web design interface (such as FrontPage by Microsoft, or even Adobe) she has suggestions on her site as to where you can find good tutorials on creating websites with these applications as well. There's even a section where you can download some free backgrounds and gifs for your site. If you already have a web site up and running, please do yourself a favor and visit it once in a while. Pretend you're a customer looking for a certain type of product. Try every single one ofrepparttar 134725 links to make sure they work. Can you get torepparttar 134726 homepage from every page? Can you get torepparttar 134727 order form, from anywhere on your site? Do you have a section on shipping and handling charges (if any apply)? Does your cgi -- if you used interactive forms -- work? (i.e., can you submit a sample order to yourself fromrepparttar 134728 site and have it go through to your email?). Can customers email you with questions? These are but a few considerations when either choosing a web designer OR designing your own site. There are any number of other considerations. For now, I've just looked atrepparttar 134729 option of either designing your own site, or finding a website designer to do it for you. Thanks for reading my short opinion/article. I hope it's been helpful. Next time I might explorerepparttar 134730 issue of merchant accounts and shipping and handling charges.

Judy Gillis Web Design should be simple, but it takes time. If you can't do it yourself, visit sites I've designed!

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