Building a Document Management Plan Part I

Written by Ray Griffiths

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1. You have better control of your proof of delivery documents. 1. They will be inrepparttar system faster 2. You know if one is missing atrepparttar 133390 end ofrepparttar 133391 day so you can do something about immediately. 3. Once they are inrepparttar 133392 system you will not loose them. 4. You can retrieve them instantly. 2. All customer documents relating to a transaction can be retrieved quickly to answer questions and resolve issues. 3. Imaged documents can be emailed or faxed fromrepparttar 133393 imaging system.

Again you need to look at your current process and determine, if you automaterepparttar 133394 POD process, will there be a good ROI.

Other areas where document imaging will help provide an ROI:

* Sending MSDS sheets with product orders * Work orders * Manufacturing documents * Quality control * Sending certifications with product orders

In my early years inrepparttar 133395 business I would work with a company and not askrepparttar 133396 money questions. I soon found that ifrepparttar 133397 company had not answeredrepparttar 133398 money questions it was difficult to get a sign-off, and most ofrepparttar 133399 timerepparttar 133400 project would die. When I work with a company today these arerepparttar 133401 first issues I deal with. I know that most organizations have a need for document imaging and many of these organizations have an easy ROI.

Ifrepparttar 133402 funds are available, proceed torepparttar 133403 next set of issues.

1. Who initiatedrepparttar 133404 project? 2. What problem(s) are they trying to solve? * Definerepparttar 133405 problem(s) * How will document imaging solverepparttar 133406 problem? 3. Are there other departments inrepparttar 133407 company that are interested or are there other departments you think will jump onrepparttar 133408 band wagon once a system is in place? 4. What other departments inrepparttar 133409 company should be involved.

Who initiatedrepparttar 133410 project can often berepparttar 133411 key torepparttar 133412 success of acquiring a document imaging system. If a high level executive is championingrepparttar 133413 project it will be easier to get approved.

In some casesrepparttar 133414 problem(s) will insure that a system will be installed, if it will solverepparttar 133415 problem, regardless ofrepparttar 133416 ROI.

When you invest in a document imaging system your goal should be to leveragerepparttar 133417 system torepparttar 133418 fullest extent. So it is important to look for allrepparttar 133419 areas that can benefit from document imaging technology. To do this you need to understand document imaging technology and how it can be applied. That will be covered inrepparttar 133420 part 2 of this series of articles.

Almost any company that can justify a document imaging system will have several departments that will be able to userepparttar 133421 system. But, (there is always a but) do not try to solve everyone’s problems withrepparttar 133422 initial project. It will become too complicated and overwhelming and nothing will get done. Pick one area like accounts payable. Once that is up and running move to another area.

Part 2 of this series will discuss how document imaging technology is used to solve some ofrepparttar 133423 most common problems.

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Keepoint 7 Pro, Web Research Software, Go Beyond Search Engine

Written by Manish Panjwani

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