"Building Your "Pitch"

Written by Shonda Ponder

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Let's take a look at where we are now:

1. First you have to have a product, idea, thought or service.

Without this step, none ofrepparttar others matter.

2. Then you have to make that product, idea, thought or service available torepparttar 117550 public.

The message has to be easy to understand, and simple to follow.

I can't recall how many times I've visited a website that had lots of information on it that didn't make sense. The cause was just, I'm sure, butrepparttar 117551 presentation ofrepparttar 117552 information was so hard to follow that I would skiprepparttar 117553 whole message and go on torepparttar 117554 next web site.

How many of you have ever readrepparttar 117555 Bible allrepparttar 117556 way through? If you weren't a literary person who enjoyed Shakespeare or any ofrepparttar 117557 other classic literature, then you probably are thinking, "Not me, all those thees and thous and whatsoevers get me confused." There are a lot of great web sites out there who are very information-oriented, but forget that most people are straight forward people who want simplicity.

When I was a child, my mother worked full time. So, to help ease her burden, she decided to let me dorepparttar 117558 cooking so when she came home, dinner was already done and ready to eat. She would set out a peace of paper with instructions for me to follow each day when I came home from school. It would look something like this:


Please make sure you put a load of clothes inrepparttar 117559 washer. There are some clothes onrepparttar 117560 bed that need to be folded. When you are done with that, clean that mess offrepparttar 117561 coffee table. Then you can start cooking at 5pm.

Here is what we are having for dinner tonight: Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes.

To fixrepparttar 117562 meatloaf, first you will need to get all your ingredients together.


(I'm going to skip this part because I think you gotrepparttar 117563 idea)

One ofrepparttar 117564 ingredients happened to be diced onions. Keep in mind, for a nine year old who had a limited vocabulary but a high IQ, which my mom knew I had because of previous testing at school and arguments with school administrators who wanted to skip me up a grade or two, I had no idea what "diced" meant. I sat there dumb-founded forrepparttar 117565 longest time, trying to figure out what "diced" meant. Finally, I knew it was going to get me in trouble, but I figured I'd be in more trouble if I didn't get dinner fixed, I called my mom at work.

Of course, she answered with: "YOU CALLED ME AT WORK JUST TO ASK ME WHAT DICED MEANT?" and then told me to look it up inrepparttar 117566 dictionary. DOH!

Butrepparttar 117567 point is, had I not had my backside to worry about, I probably would have never had supper done that night. Most of your readers don't have backsides to worry about, (some of them simply are...but we won't go into that here...) and if you don't tell them in simple termsrepparttar 117568 first time, they'll probably just go somewhere else.

Shonda Ponder is the editor and owner of the Friends of Liberty web site. Friends of Liberty is a Promotional Media Organization, dedicated to teaching promotional skills to amateurs who are politically active. Friends of Liberty can be located on the world wide web at http://www.friendsofliberty.com. Shonda Ponder can be contacted at shonda@friendsofliberty.com

Sheep Spend and Lose, Leaders Make Money

Written by Sopan Greene

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Why would you expect anything less from a home based business? It's home based, but it's still a business. It's no less legitimate than a non-home-based business, repparttar only difference is that you get a lot more money and freedom...once it's built. You have to build it. It doesn't build itself for you. And you have to do research onrepparttar 117549 business to make sure it's not a scam before you put down your cash or give up your credit card number.

Can you make money while you sleep? Definitely. Do you have to put in work and build a foundation, a reputation and...a business first? Definitely. Can you buy into some new program, advertise it for a week or two to see how it does and make a lot of money? Definitely not. Tire kickers don't make money with any business.

So what should you do? I invite you to look inside yourself, maybe look at what turned you on as a child and make money with something related to that. What did repparttar 117550 acorn inside you do with allrepparttar 117551 free time you had as a child? Did you write, race, build, help others? Do what works for your soul.

I understandrepparttar 117552 pull to want to make money easily. I was pulled into that trap many times before I figured out that I had to do what felt more like play to me than work. Then I had to make a commitment to succeed and do everything possible to make it happen.

When you see a herd of sheep racing towardrepparttar 117553 "next big thing" exercise caution, slowly head inrepparttar 117554 other direction and don't try it out until you've given it a year to prove that it'll still be around. Otherwise your time, effort and money will have ran out to pasture with allrepparttar 117555 other sheep.

Instead, study leaders inrepparttar 117556 field you're interested in, copy what works for them (using your own unique style), and build a foundation that will get you torepparttar 117557 bank with repparttar 117558 most money. As our friendrepparttar 117559 tortoise showed us in his race againstrepparttar 117560 hare, slow and steady winsrepparttar 117561 race every time.

Sopan Greene, M.A. is a marketing consultant & editor of the Net Profits newsletter. Get 2 FREE eBooks & a FREE report: "Million Dollar Emails","How To Start Your Own Traffic Virus" & "The 13 Deadly Internet Marketing Mistakes Almost Every Business Is Making..." mailto:webmaster87-956@autocontactor.com

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