Building Your Own Web Site? Here are Two Critical Points to Consider

Written by Gary Abada

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Selecting Colors for your Web Site

Findingrepparttar right color scheme is absolutely crucial because it setsrepparttar 134790 theme ofrepparttar 134791 entire site. Business web sites should not have colors that irritate your eyes or shock you off your chair... soft and readable gives you that look! The look that tellsrepparttar 134792 client that they are dealing with a real business and not a fly-by-night operation. Let me show yourepparttar 134793 difference between a professionally designed site with a business oriented color scheme -, compared to this - The choice of colors andrepparttar 134794 music inrepparttar 134795 background kills whatever chance they have left in convincing clients that they knowrepparttar 134796 secret to money-making opportunities.


If you're going to spend hard earned money setting up an online business, then you cannot makerepparttar 134797 mistake of having your cousin's neighbor who read a web site design book once, berepparttar 134798 guy to design your site. Remember your web site isrepparttar 134799 one that will compete inrepparttar 134800 world of e-business. Potential customers form a first impression of your site and within seconds make a decision of whether or not they want to do business with you! Consider too, that you need a competitive edge. Getting a professional design and marketing company like Worldprofit to help you succeed isrepparttar 134801 best business decision you can make. Not only are you getting experience e-business site developers... you are also getting allrepparttar 134802 marketing and promotional resources of a dot com company that has been in business for over six years.

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What's really going on with your web site?

Written by Ralph Hilliard

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I could define it as "Selling books using real-time processing onrepparttar Internet". It's getting better, at least I now know that I will need to get a merchant account, digital certificate, SSL and a shopping cart on my site to make "real-time" a reality.

I could define it as "Selling fishing books using real-time processing onrepparttar 134789 Internet". Hey now we are getting somewhere, or are we?

I could define it as "Selling fly-fishing books using real-time processing onrepparttar 134790 Internet."

This could go on and it should. The more specific you can be,repparttar 134791 better.


The primary goal examples listed so far are missing at least one element. The audience. A primary goal and primary audience are inseparable. Let's add a primary audience torepparttar 134792 definition we have so far.

"Selling fly-fishing books to fishermen using real-time processing onrepparttar 134793 Internet."

So we added our audience, 'fishermen'. Of course this is still a vague and poor definition for a specific goal.

To cut torepparttar 134794 chase, let me just finish this with what I believe would be a good final definition forrepparttar 134795 primary goal and audience for our fly-fishing book salesman.

"To sell fly-fishing books authored by Randall Kaufmann to fly-fishing hobbyists who have subscribed to at least one fly-fishing magazine withinrepparttar 134796 past year. These books will be sold solely overrepparttar 134797 Internet using real-time processing and an automated fulfillment center."

Yes, it is quite okay to be this specific, you can always approach wider audiences at a later date after you have been successful with smaller ones.

I trust that you can see how this will assist you as you begin to design a web site. Instead of approaching your web site as a blank canvas that you have to creatively fill, you have a very specific course of action.

>Fromrepparttar 134798 definition above, I can see several things that will be a must for this web site.

1. A bio for Randall Kaufmann, who he is and why his books arerepparttar 134799 best on fly-fishing. A picture of Randall Kaufmann.

2. A collage ofrepparttar 134800 major fly-fishing magazines with a caption that reads something like "If you enjoyed your subscription to these, wait until you get your hands on this fly fishing book".

3. Lots of keyword content full of fly-fishing, Randall Kaufmann book titles andrepparttar 134801 fishing magazine names.

4. A graphical layout that capturesrepparttar 134802 beauty and peace of a running river,repparttar 134803 fly-fisherman's paradise.

The defining of a primary goal and audience setsrepparttar 134804 tone for your entire web site design. Give your web site design and your businessrepparttar 134805 preparation it demands and it will demand much less from you inrepparttar 134806 future.

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