Building Your Online Portfolio

Written by Rachel Gawith

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So whilst these passive programs are building you residual income you need your main affiliate or network marketing program which you will concentrate on promoting and which will give you a an immediate source of income. Now I actually own and run my own program at but I am also an affiliate of RecipeSwap ( which I think is a goof stable and fun program to promote and make a good second income. However, it does not matter what your main affiliate or MLM program is so long as you concentrate on promoting it and building your affiliate team or downline.

Then as with any business you need to ensure you haverepparttar right tools and resources forrepparttar 116778 job. If you worked in an office, you require office equipment, if you have a shop you need display racks etc.. working online is no needrepparttar 116779 right tools and resources. I use Isoregister ( ) as it gives me allrepparttar 116780 tools I need in one place such as autoresponders, ebooks, articles, advertising etc etc...but so long as you have a good resource suite you are all set to market online and start building your portfolio.

But rememberrepparttar 116781 number one rule, is all online opportunities incur a certain amount of risk, but you can minimise your losses and maximise your profits by spreadingrepparttar 116782 risk sensibly across a number of stable and profitable online ventures.

Rachel Gawith (c) 2004 Rachel runs her own online program at and also a free weekly newsletter at Details of all the opportunities she has in her portfolio are listed at

Web Business Success: From Zero to Profit In Seven Days

Written by David Howlett

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The other great thing they have is M-Orders that is a downloadable application that will help you handle you after sales service. The basic version of Malís is free to use, but if you want to link up to a payment gateway and take credit cards youíll need to pay a small monthly fee.

Promotingrepparttar site was much easier than I thought it would be. First I set up some Google Adwords that would appear when people entered keywords relating torepparttar 116777 products I am selling. So far this has cost me just over £30.

Then I invested £60 with Overture on their Sitematch program. Sitematch seems to be very effective. Within days I had a good listing forrepparttar 116778 keywords in my website on most ofrepparttar 116779 top search engines. These included: MSN, AOL, ASK, Yahoo and Excite.

So where hasrepparttar 116780 profit come from? Inrepparttar 116781 first week I had 60 visitors onrepparttar 116782 site mostly fromrepparttar 116783 Google Adwords. During this time I made 3 sales adding up to a total of nearly £200. Because Iíve keptrepparttar 116784 cost ofrepparttar 116785 website so low any profit can go a long way when reinvested inrepparttar 116786 website. For instance justrepparttar 116787 profit fromrepparttar 116788 sales inrepparttar 116789 first week are enough to payrepparttar 116790 cost ofrepparttar 116791 shopping cart and payment gateway services for a whole year!

So if you yearn to start your own online business, but arenít sure you haverepparttar 116792 funds to start, donít despair it can be done. Do your research and look around for reliable low-cost ways to develop you web business. So oncerepparttar 116793 sales do start coming in youíll have more money available to reinvest and growrepparttar 116794 business faster.

David Howlett is an independent web consultant based in the UK. David helps clients get more qualified visitors and then convert them into action.

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