Building Your Network Marketing Mutual Fund

Written by Paul Polanco

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This is always difficult to answer because this depends on a myriad of factors:

* How much time you have to invest * HOW that time is spent * The kind of marketing system(s) you are using * How you are usingrepparttar phone, if at all * What primary / secondary / etc. programs you are working * The compensation plan (is it fair and equitable?) * The proper mindset * Level of commitment * A sound and effective strategy to combat apathy, frustration, and rejection * Having a business plan * Effective tax planning * Supporting and training for your new partners

While there are people who have done this in a year, that is NOTrepparttar 122552 norm. Yet there are people out there who will make you think it is.


Your average person might be able to dedicate 10 hours of focused effort on their business. Your average person has about $150 a month to spend on their networking business. Your average person takes about 3 months to bring in their first representative or customer.

Just based on all these averages, it would take an average of 7 to 10 years to build a 10,000 a month income stream. Warning: These are simply averages.

Your average person also quits in less than 10 months. By simply staying with one good, honest program and being consistent, you will build a substantial NMMF. You won't be average. In fact, you will be part ofrepparttar 122553 3% that actually stay with one program longer than one year.

Unless you have a lot of start up capital, are friends with allrepparttar 122554 major Internet Marketers, or have a HUGE opt-in list, your NMMF is going to take TIME and nothing but time to build.

By simply understanding that, adopting a long-term mindset, you WILL forge ahead.

So just like Lawrence and Debbie, there are a lot of Networkers out there that have a flashy website, excellent webcopy, and maybe they really are earning 5 figures a month. They seem to have it all. But because they violaterepparttar 122555 Laws of Business, that income disappears.

You see them starting another "new deal" or promotingrepparttar 122556 "newest, hottest" thing. They have to. They need to. Otherwise they'd go broke.

Just by stayingrepparttar 122557 course, you'll berepparttar 122558 one earning 5 figures a month - permanently.

Paul Polanco is a former financial planner and small business consultant turned financial strategist for home-based business owners. He has helped hundreds of people build a solid foundation to ensure their success. He is also an active networker, building two growing organizations.

What is a Scam?

Written by John Olson

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Or how about Gifting Clubs.

I don't care what they tell you onrepparttar Website to make you believe it is all legal. I don't care what they say about Gifting being a time honored way of sharing. To do it in a program like this, is illegal. It will get shut down, and most people will again loose money. Onlyrepparttar 122551 ones who start it will getrepparttar 122552 big pay offs.

I see both types of programs being offered allrepparttar 122553 time. Don't fall for them. If you want to have any kind of reputation DO NOT promote these kind of things.

"But what aboutrepparttar 122554 ones who get in firstů won't they make money?"

They can, but think about this. Think aboutrepparttar 122555 people who will be asked to join later. Think aboutrepparttar 122556 money they will be asked to pay. Think aboutrepparttar 122557 money they are going to loose because allrepparttar 122558 greedy fools who are going to join have joined and they can't find anyone to cover their costs. Think about allrepparttar 122559 people who will be out ifrepparttar 122560 thing gets shut down byrepparttar 122561 Law.

Most of these things never get big enough forrepparttar 122562 Legal Authorities to get involved. They just die of their own wait. Are yourepparttar 122563 type of person who can sit back and tell yourself, "It's all right, I got mine."

It's not all right.

You are setting people up to loose money if you join and promote things like this.

But just because someone sets up a Gifting program or a Chain Letter type deal, doesn't make them scammers. They may haverepparttar 122564 best intentions and honestly believe what they are offering is perfectly legal. It isn't, but they may think it is.

In case you haven't noticed, PayPal is coming down hard on a lot of Network Marketing companies. They are not doing this on their own. MasterCard and Visa, arerepparttar 122565 ones who are forcing them to get out of Network Marketing companies. Why? Becauserepparttar 122566 Credit Card Companies are getting hit Very hard with Charge Backs, and Fraud. Stolen Credit Cards are being used all overrepparttar 122567 World to join Network Marketing companies. The Thieves clean up, andrepparttar 122568 Credit Card Companies and sometimesrepparttar 122569 honest programs takerepparttar 122570 hit. MasterCard and Visa have both long had clauses in their contracts that people could not use their services for MLM type programs. Now they are enforcing it.

Ifrepparttar 122571 company you are with has not had these kind of problems, they will and they should be prepared for them. Companies that are going through this, are not all scams. In fact my guess is that if this happened to a scammer, they would just close up shop and move on with whatever money they could. A Real Company, will find a way to work aroundrepparttar 122572 problem.

Sorepparttar 122573 next time you read someone calling this or that company a scam, think. It maybe a perfectly good company that is working through some problems.

A Real Scam is something that is set up just to take your Money and Run. A Real Scam will not try and work through problems. They will just pack up and go on to something else.

Written by John Olson Owner and Webmaster (c) Copyright, 2003 Reprint rights available with this Signature only.

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