Building Your Business with FREE Tutorials

Written by Terri Seymour

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When you set up your tutorials atrepparttar autoresponder, don't forget to put a couple points of interest about your site/business. You also want to make sure you have a little thank you note precedingrepparttar 125178 tutorial. Introduce yourself, say thank you and encouragerepparttar 125179 prospect to ask questions or visit your site for more information. This will help to build a relationship withrepparttar 125180 customer and to build your reputation also.

After everything is set-up,repparttar 125181 next step is promoting your tutorials. This you would do inrepparttar 125182 same way as promoting other things.

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FREE 4-day tutorial on painting furniture! http://whateveryoururliswouldgohere

Announce it on message boards & discussion lists (if allowed) Make sure you read all rules before posting. If you cannot post it, then add it to your signature. Announce it in your ezine and on your homepage.

Post it onrepparttar 125183 appropriate announcement lists.

Add it to your ad swaps and free classifieds.

Put it on your business cards.

Add it to your resource box, if you write articles.

Post it to newsgroups.

Use your imagination and see how many different ways you can come up with to getrepparttar 125184 word out about your tutorials. These tutorials will go a long way in building your reputation, your business and you!

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Internet Promotion: Awards Submission

Written by Richard Lowe

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- If you look at my awards pages at you will see that I've also includedrepparttar text ofrepparttar 125177 emails fromrepparttar 125178 award programs. These are good testimonials as they provide a reason whyrepparttar 125179 award was won. This can serve to add credibility to your site andrepparttar 125180 information that you present (andrepparttar 125181 product you may be trying to sell).

It's pretty simple to submit torepparttar 125182 awards sites. Simply locate them (and there are some good resources listed atrepparttar 125183 end of this article), readrepparttar 125184 instructions and enterrepparttar 125185 data. If you win you'll hear back from them in a few days or weeks. Generally at that time you will receive an email with instructions on how to addrepparttar 125186 award to your site. Usually there is also some advertising included (it's part ofrepparttar 125187 price that you pay).

Unless you find an award that you really want, I would suggest limiting submissions to those awards that will give you a link back to your site. A major part ofrepparttar 125188 reason to go through all of this trouble is to get more traffic. The only way to achieve this is to get that back link.

My advice is simple. Spend a few hours each week scanning through award listings such as those atrepparttar 125189 bottom of this article. Submit your site to perhaps thirty or forty awards. You will win some of them. This should become part of your standard weekly promotional activity.

The gain will be that you will feel better about your site (assuming, of course, that you win any awards), your popularity will rise, and perhaps you will gain some small amount of additional traffic. Atrepparttar 125190 very least,repparttar 125191 people who are judgingrepparttar 125192 awards will have to visit your site at least once to check it out.

Additional Resources -------------------- Our awards code of ethics

Website Awards Worksheet

Revisions torepparttar 125193 Worksheet

Daily editorial - January 10, 2001 (Make A Web Site That Wins Awards)

Joinrepparttar 125194 Web's Best Awards webring!

So you want to run an awards program?

Win An Award for your site

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