Building Your Brand

Written by Traci Hayner Vanover

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When you are choosing your business name, logo, or tag line, it is important to remember that concise isrepparttar key. You want a unique idea, but you also want something easy to remember. Are you drawing a blank when it comes to logo design? Never fear! Some ofrepparttar 116973 best logos out there are combinations of pre-existing clipart, that has been paired with additional text or elements, and colored to meetrepparttar 116974 client's requirements.

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Clearing The Cobwebs

Written by Lonnie Amirault

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I get it kick out of this one. You receive an email from nowhere and it’s a dynamite pitch, “you gotta see this, this is awesome, but you gotta do it now, or forever hold your peace, you have until midnight tonight for this blow you away money machine.” “Confirm your email address now and I’ll send allrepparttar details - Just watch this cash cow sing!”

So I did. I get back an email directing me to this person’s website. “Here it is Lonnie,repparttar 116972 first 100 gets in and no more. It’s over! You’ll make $10,000 in 12 hours.” “This is how it works, blah blah blah...”

You know what? If they make that much money in 12 hours, why inrepparttar 116973 world would they have a piggy back domain name like

You see if they are capable in making that much money they would have a domain name of their own. Best policy here is to back off and move on!

Testimonials - If they don’t have a name you recognize or there’s no way to contact them via email or otherwise, it puts skepticism in our my minds. Beware! They could all be phony.

*** It’s Never Too Late ***

You don’t want to be onrepparttar 116974 “Rats Tail End” with nobody left to sell it to. There are millions of new websites going up every month and many of them have no idea what they are facing. They think they know enough to make them rich and soon they discover there’s something missing. Like an Outstanding eBook like Million Dollar Emails.

This eBook made outrageous amounts of cash and still does. The sad thing is some net-preneurs give it away for free or sell it for a $1.00. If you cheapen a great product you have just cheapen yourself. Be careful on what you give away.

The greatest Book of all times is called “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie. He sold millions of copies and you can still find this book in your local shopping mall book store for sale.

If you have a great product, never bring it’s value down, keep in mind thatrepparttar 116975 internet is still very new and that there are a million more users waiting to purchase that product.

You’ll never be sorry you bought that eBook. Have respect for your products and your customers will have respect for you. Authors will be honored as well.

* Goals Are Achieved With A Focused Vision *

You just spent $$$$ on this project and it isn’t finished, but you don’t want to miss this chance either. Ah yes! The Internet is flooded with golden opportunities and they are so tempting. You must realize that opportunity will always be knocking at your door. It has been for thousands of years and there is no telling when it will stop.

So you got an idea and you want to build it. Keep your brain in gear, focus atrepparttar 116976 task at hand, follow it through to it’s completion. Then just automate your business so you can move on to your next project.

Once you have automated your business website and carried through torepparttar 116977 end of your project, you have accomplished 96% more than any other business website out there. If you can automate it, you will want to AutoPilot it.

*** No Ifs, Ands or Buts, Period! ***

Your PC is very powerful and it can be scheduled day after day to take on your daily chores. Once it’s set and ready to go, you can move on and try something else. Let your PC AutoPilot most of it for you.

You will achieved and gain a lot more if you focus your attention atrepparttar 116978 task at hand, rather than scattering your brain. Don’t become like a drift wood floating inrepparttar 116979 middle ofrepparttar 116980 Pacific Ocean with no place to go.

You will undoubtedly see more results by following a simple rule of thumb. Be like Thomas Edison and learn from your mistakes, stick to it, makerepparttar 116981 neccessary changes, make it happen and then automaterepparttar 116982 project and move on to your next phase.

To see more what automation can do for you, Check below and discover how AutoPiloting can earn you money while you sleep.

Lonnie Amirault is an IP Consultant and a Certified PC Technician. He has trained 1000’s of sales agents across Canada how to sell dedicated bandwidth forrepparttar 116983 purpose to do business online. If you have any questions about automation you can Chat with him LIVE Monday - Friday between 1:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Automating your website into AutoPilot.

Lonnie Amirault is an IP Consultant and a Certified PC Technician. He has trained 1000’s of sales agents across Canada how to sell dedicated bandwidth for the purpose to do business online.

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