Building Solid Relationships Using the Power of Words

Written by Reed Floren

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Now that's notrepparttar proper way to do it. They should inspire, encourage, and motivate their children; not belittle them even further.

They should tell their children that they haverepparttar 150584 capacity to achieve great things, if they would only put a little more effort. Teach them values that would make them feel important and loved.

You may even go as far as giving them qualities that they do not yet possess. By giving them confidence and by making them believe that they have such characteristics, they will eventually acquire such traits. Tell them how bright you think they are, and you will soon be surprised atrepparttar 150585 results. They will significantly improve if you firmly made them believe that they haverepparttar 150586 capacity to do so.

So if you ever wanted to persuade or encourage someone to do better, make sure that he or she is motivated out of inspiration, and not out of fear. Give advice that cares, and not offensive words borne out of hatred or anger. Think first before you speak. Many relationships have been ruined byrepparttar 150587 wrong choice of words. Some people voice out anything that comes to their mind, without first filtering repparttar 150588 good words fromrepparttar 150589 bad ones. This might result in misunderstandings and arguments, which could have easily been prevented if we speak out in a way that is neutral and non-offensive. Words are very powerful indeed. Use them responsibly forrepparttar 150590 benefit of all.

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Bad Luck ... Or Blessing In Disguise?

Written by Reed Floren

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Don't waste your time and energy on things that can't be changed. Continuous worrying will only affect your health onrepparttar long run, and you'd be doing much more damage than what was previously done.

Set yourself free. Move onwards withrepparttar 150583 conviction of a winner.

What if we turnrepparttar 150584 tables around? What if you never ran out of good luck?

There was this man who wonrepparttar 150585 lottery. He thought he wasrepparttar 150586 luckiest person inrepparttar 150587 world. He became greedy and wasted all his money on everything he could get his hands on.

One day, he made it onrepparttar 150588 front page ofrepparttar 150589 newspaper again. But this time, it was a different story. He was killed because of his riches.

If you attain good luck, never be too secure about it either. Pray for protection and guidance. Life is so unpredictable. You just won't know what will happen next.

Live one day at a time. Sometimes we subject ourselves to unnecessary mental and emotional torture. We ask ourselves, "What if I don't get this done in time?" or "What if my family leaves me and I've got no one else to turn to?"

Work atrepparttar 150590 present moment. Do what must be done at present andrepparttar 150591 future will turn out just fine. Believe me. And believe in yourself. As Captain Planet always says: "The power is yours!"

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