Building Solid Foundations

Written by Michael Angier

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That's because they were buildingrepparttar foundation--the foundation to support a grand structure. And that takes time.

The engineers,repparttar 102105 architect andrepparttar 102106 owner certainly weren't standing around saying, "Where'srepparttar 102107 building? Why can't I see more progress?" They knew that a majority ofrepparttar 102108 time to constructrepparttar 102109 building would be spent in layingrepparttar 102110 groundwork.

Oncerepparttar 102111 foundation is ready and cured,repparttar 102112 rest ofrepparttar 102113 construction happens at impressive speed. Even mistakes made inrepparttar 102114 superstructure can be corrected without too much difficulty. But faults inrepparttar 102115 foundation CANNOT be easily repaired and will jeopardizerepparttar 102116 entire structure.

And why should what we build be any different? We need to put strong foundations under our dreams, our businesses and our relationships. I believe that this is where many people struggle. They're too focused onrepparttar 102117 payoff and don't give enough attention torepparttar 102118 hard work and careful planning required in buildingrepparttar 102119 substructure. They want to start putting up walls and bringing inrepparttar 102120 business too soon.

And inrepparttar 102121 end, most fail because there's notrepparttar 102122 right support.

Every business, every marriage, every cause will be tested. Just being a "good guy" and "doingrepparttar 102123 right thing" will not insulate you fromrepparttar 102124 gales,repparttar 102125 attacks andrepparttar 102126 infestations that will most definitely occur.

But with a strong foundation, built with good materials, with painstaking effort, your structure will be one that withstands all assaults and fully supports your endeavors.

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Crucial v Not Crucial

Written by Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

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I really believe that most people, intuitively and instinctively, want to be good time managers. It makes sense. The better we manage our time,repparttar more results we will enjoy. It'srepparttar 102104 logical choice.

So let's say it'srepparttar 102105 start of your workweek and you have a lot of "things to do", some of which are "Crucial", some "Not Crucial". Intuitively and instinctively you and I want to be good time managers. Therefore, where does our attention gravitate towards? Do we focus onrepparttar 102106 "Crucial" or "Not Crucial" tasks? The "Crucial"? Sure! Logic tells us that. The more "Crucial" things we do,repparttar 102107 more productivity and success we enjoy.

But, you know what? When given a choice between "Crucial" and "Not Crucial" items, we will almost always dorepparttar 102108 "Not Crucial" items and ignorerepparttar 102109 "Crucial" items in spite ofrepparttar 102110 fact that we all want to be productive in our day.


Because we are driven more by emotion rather than logic.

You seerepparttar 102111 "Crucial" items are typically longer and harder to accomplish. The "Not Crucial" items are typically more quick and fun and emotionally satisfying.

We need to get over torepparttar 102112 "Crucial" side more often to increase our personal productivity.

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