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Written by S. Housley

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Resources for finding RSS feeds for syndication: RSS Network - RSS Locator -

LINK DIRECTORY While this takes a little more time, compiling a collection of niche websites on related topics can significantly enhancerepparttar value of a portal. Topic-specific directories and search engines can achieve high search engine rankings withrepparttar 139267 larger engines like Google and MSN, and can easily be optimized for a collection of search terms. The process can even be automated if you have programming experience.

Sample Link Directory -

TOPIC SPECIFIFC FORUM The most successful forums are those that are highly focused and niche-oriented. Establishing a community of individuals with common interests will result in return visitors. Managing a forum is not overly complex and there are free forum scripts available that will providerepparttar 139268 forum structure. Many ofrepparttar 139269 forums have scripts available that will allow for search engines to spiderrepparttar 139270 contents and forum posts. Asrepparttar 139271 content flourishes,repparttar 139272 site will increase in value.

Free Forum Scripts:

More on topic-specific portals or information radars can be found in Robin Good's book 'Newsmastering'.

A site that is focused on a relatively narrow range of goods and services will find that there is less competition. Topic-centric websites that provide a gateway to niche information related to a particular industry, sector, topic or market segment are becoming increasingly valuable and popular. Compilingrepparttar 139273 resource using free resources will minimizerepparttar 139274 capital investment. Regardless of whether you are marketing a product, service or advertising, narrowingrepparttar 139275 topic focus will attract a targeted audience who genuinely are interested inrepparttar 139276 website topic, allowing you to monetizerepparttar 139277 portal, and minimizerepparttar 139278 expense.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

Cyber Utopia

Written by Kenneth L. Cluck III

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III. Who Ownsrepparttar Internet?

Well, now Iím going to coverrepparttar 139220 owners ofrepparttar 139221 Internet. Who ownsrepparttar 139222 Internet? The people who own massive websites that earn tons of money offering poor service; this is where competition comes in. To offer these services it does not take much at all. All you need is a web host that charges $10 a month and a will to sacrifice a little time every once in a while to help offer great services. Creating websites such as an email host or a web host and yet not charge a lot of money for it. In fact, itís so easy you donít even need web development skills. Justrepparttar 139223 ability to run a website creation tool.

When first startedrepparttar 139224 forums werenít made automatically, people had to individually submit information on what they want than I took their information and created their forums. This wasnít too time consuming, though I spent a little time (15 minutes to half an hour) every day creating forums. I decided to use my computer skills to create a forum creation script. These scripts can be bought or made, though you donít really need them. If you can sacrifice just a little bit of time and a small amount of money you can make your own free online service. This isrepparttar 139225 goal of, to promote people to create free online services and communities.

The idea is that if and other free services onrepparttar 139226 Internet can be good enough to be extremely competitive torepparttar 139227 paid services,repparttar 139228 paid services would have to increase what they offer for their prices to keep up. Itís just simple competition to helprepparttar 139229 Internet to truly be a place where people can freely communicate and transmit information.

Would you like to help with creating free services and yet not know where to get a good web host, I suggest you look at and find a web host that offers what you need. If you need further help you can contact me at my message boards at (My username is Kc3).

The owner of,,, and

Kenneth is also a web developer at Clearwater Web Solutions.

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