Building An Effective Furniture Sales Web Site

Written by Jim D. Ray

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Product descriptions should vibrantly relaterepparttar texture, colors, size, and “feel” of each item. Choose words that connect directly torepparttar 139315 senses. A throw pillow, for example, could be presented as “a soft burgundy compliment to any sofa pictured above.” Of course, while it is appropriate to be vivid in your product descriptions, remember to remain true to each product’s features.

Customer service options are a must. A hyperlink torepparttar 139316 merchant’s contact page or customer service area should be available on each page ofrepparttar 139317 site, uniformly. The merchant’s telephone number should also be listed on each page.

A shopping cart system is not required, but can certainly promote prospect-customer conversion based on convenience. Forrepparttar 139318 product-based web presence,repparttar 139319 next “action step” after selecting a product is to make a purchase decision. If a purchase requires picking uprepparttar 139320 telephone,repparttar 139321 merchant risks losingrepparttar 139322 customer during this transition. Offering on-line payment with telephone support isrepparttar 139323 optimal way to promote an on-line sale.

Tweaks and Tips

* Offering financing options and/or incentive-based sales offers, such as no interest for a 6- or 12-month period, will increase your competitive edge and promote a quicker purchase decision.

* When developing content, be sure to include plenty of key terms and phrases inrepparttar 139324 site’s general text. Search engines such as Google rely on content text, not meta tags, to determine search placement.

* Include key terms in image description tags and hyperlinks. Describe each image or link using terms and phrases relevant torepparttar 139325 image, industry, and merchant. If you are a furniture merchant attempting to develop your first web presence, seekrepparttar 139326 advice and support of a full-service small business web design firm. Professional, affordable web design is available. Creating a “do it yourself” site may appear cost effective, however this can quickly become a complicated and time consuming project. Stay focused in your profession, and recruitrepparttar 139327 wisdom of a web professional.

Jim Ray is a seasoned web developer and president of Web Presence, a national web design firm serving the small business market sector. To learn more, or for a free quote for your own web site, visit the Web Presence at

How to Hire The Right Web Design Firm

Written by Jim D. Ray

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* Toll free telephone support * 24 hour customer service * Better Business Bureau affiliation * Human e-mail address contacts * Google PageRank of 2 or above * Presentation of a hard-copy quote/design contract

Design Experience/Portfolio

Doesrepparttar design firm have experience in working with similar types of businesses? Even if a designer doesn’t have a web site in their portfolio related to your industry,repparttar 139314 firm you select should have a strong working knowledge of how to develop an effective site for your business type. Product and service web sites are notrepparttar 139315 same. Your designer should have a plan of action for developing a site that reachesrepparttar 139316 maximum number of prospective customers in your target market.

A few good questions to ask about a firm’s design experience include:

* Doesrepparttar 139317 firm offer a number of diverse, finished web sites available for review? * Willrepparttar 139318 firm conduct research regarding my competition? * Will my web site highlightrepparttar 139319 features, benefits and value of my product or service? * Hasrepparttar 139320 firm outlined a plan of action for creating an effective site, start to finish?

Design experience need not always relate torepparttar 139321 type of web sitesrepparttar 139322 firm has previously developed. If you have a specific look in mind, askrepparttar 139323 firm if achieving a similar design is possible. The ultimate goal is to know you’re going to get a tangible benefit out of your site through effective, affordable web design.

Additional Services

Many web design firms offer design, but do not provide other required services such as hosting and domain name registration. Ideally, your web design company should be a full-service firm, offering at least basic hosting, domain registration and search engine optimization services tailored to your needs. Research each firm to determine other key lines of business, so that any future expansion of your site will be seamless as your business grows.

Turnaround Time

An effective website should take 30-60 days to go live, fromrepparttar 139324 start of production. Unless you’re offering hundreds of individual products or services on your web site,repparttar 139325 entire development process, start to finish, should take no longer than 60 days. Turnaround time should include:

* Upload of your web site torepparttar 139326 hosting provider * Configuration of any scripts or forms on your site * Domain propagation (accessing your web site and e-mail via

Hiringrepparttar 139327 cheapest, fastest, or most elaborate web design firm does not always equate to hiringrepparttar 139328 right web design firm. A limited amount of front-end research can save time and money inrepparttar 139329 long term, and maximizerepparttar 139330 sales revenue from your web presence.

Jim D. Ray is a seasoned web developer and president of Web Presence, a national web design firm serving the small business market sector. To learn more, or for a free quote for your own web site, visit the Web Presence at

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