Building A Birdhouse: Things To Know

Written by Donald Rohde

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Type of birdFloor sizeDepthEntrance above floorEntrance hole sizeHeight above ground Eastern Bluebird5"x5"8"6"1 1/2"5-8 feet Chickadee4x4"8-10"6-8"1 1/8"6-15 feet Downy Woodpecker4x4"9-12"6-8"1 1/4"6-20 feet Flicker7x7"16-18"14-16"2 1/2"6-22 feet House Wren4x4"8-10"4-6"1 1/4"6-10 feet Nuthatch4x4"8-10"6-8"1 1/4"12-20 feet Screech Owl8x8"12-15"9-12"3"10-30 feet Tits4x4"8-10"6-8"1 1/4"6-15 feet

5. Keeping these above points in mind, select a birdhouse plan forrepparttar type of bird you wish to attract torepparttar 135684 house. There are number of excellent birdhouse plans onrepparttar 135685 Internet as well as many great books you can buy. (Seerepparttar 135686 suggestions atrepparttar 135687 end of this article.)

6. Never use paint or stain insiderepparttar 135688 birdhouse. If you want to paintrepparttar 135689 outside, wait until it is built and paint onlyrepparttar 135690 wood that you can see. Be sure to use a non-toxic exterior latex paint that does not contain lead. Light colors will reflectrepparttar 135691 heat and light, keepingrepparttar 135692 house cooler inrepparttar 135693 summer. Or keeprepparttar 135694 house natural, without paint. Rough cedar or redwood would be an excellent type of wood if you want to go paint-less.

7. Now it's time to put up your birdhouse. They can be attached to wood or metal fence posts, trees, or their own wood or metal posts. Bluebird boxes seem to attract more predators when on trees. If you are mounting your birdhouse to a post, always try to attach a baffle or collar to prevent snakes, cats, and other predators from climbingrepparttar 135695 pole torepparttar 135696 house. Locate your house an adequate distance from each other since most nesting parents are territorial. Placerepparttar 135697 birdhouse whererepparttar 135698 parents and baby birds are not distracted and worried about your family's activities. The entrance should face away fromrepparttar 135699 prevailing wind. Remember, bluebirds prefer lots of open space in front of their birdhouse and be sure to mountrepparttar 135700 house atrepparttar 135701 proper height.

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Garden Accessories

Written by Johann Erickson

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Fountains are so unique that your garden will come aliverepparttar minute you place one of these garden accessories in your garden. You will be able to find smaller fountains that will look just awesome surrounded by vines or much larger fountains that will enhancerepparttar 135645 center ofrepparttar 135646 entire garden. You may even wish to go one more step and purchase an enchanting waterfall fountain. Imagine sitting on a garden bench in front of your own waterfall. Peace and tranquility will berepparttar 135647 center of your thoughts.

Do you enjoy watching allrepparttar 135648 marvelous and graceful birds that frequent your garden? If you love watchingrepparttar 135649 birds, then you should invest in a birdhouse or two. Not only, will this garden accessory enhancerepparttar 135650 beauty of your garden, but it will give those beautiful birds a new home. You will be able to include other items thatrepparttar 135651 birds will enjoy such as bird baths and bird feeders. The birds will love their new home and never have to venture far with all that you have given them.

If you haverepparttar 135652 room one ofrepparttar 135653 most popular garden accessories is a garden bridge. You can either place a stunning cedar garden bridge across a small fish pond or even an appealing dry bed that you have created. These unique garden bridges will intensifyrepparttar 135654 beauty country charm of your garden.

Another splendid garden accessory isrepparttar 135655 garden arbors. If you are seeking enchantment, then you have foundrepparttar 135656 right accessory. The entrance to your garden will be special to everyone as they walk underrepparttar 135657 garden arbor that you have created and decorated. Your garden with have so much appeal and magic you may never want to leave.

With all ofrepparttar 135658 new garden accessories your garden party will be one that your guests will always remember as a walk through a magical and enchanting park instead of a garden.

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