Build your first computer from hardware scratches

Written by Andrew Karasev

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•Video Card. For $100 you can get maximum of memory and performance. This is why we recommend to get external videocard •DVD Writer. RW+/- unfortunately Japanese manufacturers are inrepparttar process of decision making on winning standards plus DVD of high density. Get both supported. •Hard Drive. Decent motherboards support IDE raid and you could experiment with striping (raid 0). Then if you purchase two IDE disks 400 GB each – you will get 800 GB – unbelievable for supercomputers – but you are on your own and cosmopolitan individual – step forward and be ahead of competition. •Troubleshooting. Understood and respected. First listen your mother board beeps and refer to its documentation. It might not see memory, graphical card, etc. When you are installing memory – be very careful to static electricity issue. When you are attaching your mother board to computer case –repparttar 141483 most typical issue is motherboard shorting – so do not be surprised to try your motherboard first outsiderepparttar 141484 case

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Making OE Stationery

Written by Joyce C. Lock

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If you don't like what you've created, go here, and deleterepparttar Internet file (leavingrepparttar 141482 gif or jpeg):

C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedStationery

Then, create it all over again, withrepparttar 141483 desired changes.

Note: anytime you change your mind, while inrepparttar 141484 process of creating a stationery, prior to clicking to Finish, you can click Back, makerepparttar 141485 desired changes, then click Next (already selected options will remain until you change them or begin a new stationery creation).

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