Build Your Own Computer : What to Look for in a Case

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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* Drive bays

The minimum drive bay requirement is; one 5.25 inch external bay, one 3.5 inch external bay; and one 3.5 inch internal bay. This allows you install a CD-ROM drive, a floppy drive, and a hard disk drive.

However, I would recommend purchasing a case with; two 5.25 inch external bays, one 3.5 inch external bay; and two 3.5 inch internal bays. This gives you a little extra expansion capacity.

* Side Panel

Get a case with a removable side panel. This gives you easy access torepparttar inside ofrepparttar 107863 case. Some cases come with a one piece inverted U shaped cover. Itís a real pain to wrestle this type of cover into place.

* Floppy disk slot

I prefer to avoid cases with a built-in floppy disk slot. With RW-CDís becoming more common,repparttar 107864 floppy disks days could be numbered. When they become obsolete you will be stuck with a funny slot onrepparttar 107865 front of your computer.

* Beige case

Avoid cases that are notrepparttar 107866 standard beige color. Offrepparttar 107867 shelf floppy drives and CD Drives only come in beige, and it looks nicer if they matchrepparttar 107868 case.

* Desk-top or tower case

I donít think you can find a desk-top style case today. If you do find one, considerrepparttar 107869 amount of desk arearepparttar 107870 case will cover. You will most likely have to place your monitor on top ofrepparttar 107871 case. If you have a heavy 19 inch CRT monitor, make surerepparttar 107872 case is constructed solidly enough to supportrepparttar 107873 monitor.

Although you canít save money, there are many other advantages to building your own computer. This article points out some important things to look for when selecting a case for your computer. ---------------------------------------------------------- Permission is granted forrepparttar 107874 above article to forward, reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website, offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as long as no changes are made andrepparttar 107875 byline, copyright, andrepparttar 107876 resource box below is included. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 107877 Web visit To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to ----------------------------------------------------------


Help Fight Cancer Ė Cost Free

Written by Grant McNamara

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There is no cost to participate and no impact on your computer use. The project software cannot detect or transfer anything on your machine but project-specific information. It just allows your computer to screen molecules that may be developed into drugs to fight cancer. Each individual computer analyzes a few molecules and then sendsrepparttar results back overrepparttar 107862 Internet for further research. This project is anticipated to berepparttar 107863 largest computational chemistry project ever undertaken and represents a genuine hope to find a better way to fight cancer.

The computational power to perform research of this scale is only available throughrepparttar 107864 generosity of individuals like you!

The research is being conducted byrepparttar 107865 Department of Chemistry atrepparttar 107866 University of Oxford in England andrepparttar 107867 National Foundation for Cancer Research.

If you would like to participate inrepparttar 107868 projectrepparttar 107869 link is Click onrepparttar 107870 graphic titled ĎVolunteer Your PCí.

From a personal experience Iíve been involved inrepparttar 107871 project for several months. Apart from a small icon displayed on my task bar Iíd never knowrepparttar 107872 software is installed and working. It has had no impact onrepparttar 107873 speed at which my computer operates. Butrepparttar 107874 positive feelings experienced from knoiwing I am making a difference are something I want to share with you.

Please think about being a member. It will only take five minutes of your time to start your involvement, and downloadrepparttar 107875 software. Do it now! Please. Also if you do sign up send an email and let me know. Thanks.

Copyright (c) 2002 Grant McNamara, All Rights Reserved. This article may be freely distributed and published. If you wish to publish the article, out of courtesy, please email me and advise the url. Author Information: Grant McNamara - Grant McNamara manages The Translateme Group at specializing in multilingual software development and Internet support.

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