Build Your Own Ant Farm

Written by Nell Taliercio

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First, you need to locate an ant farm in your backyard. Withrepparttar shovel, gently dig uprepparttar 146197 area, which seems to haverepparttar 146198 highest ant population. Look for queen ants with wings and larvae, if possible. Transfer soil and ants into bucket.

Placerepparttar 146199 small container in center ofrepparttar 146200 aquarium. It should take up all space except one inch around all sides. (This forcesrepparttar 146201 ants to build againstrepparttar 146202 glass, where they are easily viewable.)

Withrepparttar 146203 funnel addrepparttar 146204 soil and smaller worker ants torepparttar 146205 space betweenrepparttar 146206 containers. Next, addrepparttar 146207 larger ants, queen ants and larvae.

Oncerepparttar 146208 ants are in their new home, tightly coverrepparttar 146209 aquarium. Make air holes, smaller thanrepparttar 146210 ants.

Make a construction paper cover to place overrepparttar 146211 aquarium. This will makerepparttar 146212 ants feel as though they are underground. To view ants, simply removerepparttar 146213 cover.

Feedrepparttar 146214 ants small bits of honey, sugar, tiny pieces of fruit or bread dipped in sugar water. Provide water via a soaked cotton ball, every other day. And just plain enjoyrepparttar 146215 new farm full of ants!

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Encouraging Your Child To Write

Written by ShowKidsTheFun

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Letter-writing: Have your child write a letter to Santa,repparttar Easter bunny, orrepparttar 146196 Tooth Fairy. Or, your child could write to their favorite athlete, fictional character, or movie star.

Alphabet Game: Take a piece of paper and writerepparttar 146197 letters A-Z inrepparttar 146198 left column. Then, choose a category fromrepparttar 146199 following or make up one of your own. Vegetables, Fruits, Animals, Musical Instruments. For older children,repparttar 146200 categories can be narrower and more difficult, like Countries, Characters in Literature, Presidents, etc. Set a timer and you and your child both list as many ofrepparttar 146201 items inrepparttar 146202 category as you can for each letter. The trick atrepparttar 146203 end is that you have to cross off anything on your list that your child has listed. (for instance, if you both have "apple" for an "a" fruit, thenrepparttar 146204 parent crosses theirs off.) Whoever hasrepparttar 146205 most words wins.

Character Game: Tell your child to pick a character from a book or movie that he's familiar with, and you dorepparttar 146206 same. Then, ask several questions and you each writerepparttar 146207 answers torepparttar 146208 questions on a piece of paper. When you've finished askingrepparttar 146209 questions, then have your child readrepparttar 146210 answers and try to guess who he was pretending to be. You dorepparttar 146211 same and see if your child can guess who you were. Whether you are pretending to be Peter Pan or Shrek, you and your child will have fun and your child won't even realize he's practicing his writing!

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