Build Your Database - Build Your Profits

Written by Noel Peebles

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I use an autoresponder company called Get Response. They have proven to be extremely reliable. You can choose from their totally free autoresponder service or their paid Smart Responder Pro service. Both are good - which one you choose really depends on your needs.

I personally use their paid service as it's ideal for managing my growing ezine database. If you want to see this service in action, you can subscribe to my free mini-course and ezine using one ofrepparttar special email addresses they have provided for this purpose. Simply send a blank email and your free mini-course will be delivered almost instantly by autoresponder to your email inbox.

Building a database doesn't need to be difficult. The key is to be organized and to be proactive!

When you sell to a new customer add them to your database immediately. Then simply keep in touch with them, or list a date to contact them. This might be for a car service check, a haircut, a carpet clean, a pet's injection or whatever makes sense in your business. Onrepparttar 102010 contact date send a reminder letter, email or phone or call them to offer an appointment.

It's easy and a lot cheaper than continually chasing after new customers. Build your database and you'll build your profits!

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Noel Peebles has bought, developed and sold several of his own businesses, and has been involved with the purchase and sale of many others. He has fifteen years of 'hands on' experience, directing his own highly successful' retail businesses, including franchise marketing and business development. He also has his own public self-storage complex. And, he's traveled extensively to over forty countries.

Plan for success

Written by Terry Telford

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And here'srepparttar little trick that goes along withrepparttar 102009 folders. Let's say you want to go out and browse through your competition's ezine advertising prices to see how they compare to yours. You go to an ezine directory to find ezines with comparable numbers of subscribers. Suddenly your attention is drawn to a flashing banner that says ADVERTISE FOR FREE - CLICK HERE. Of course you are interested in advertising for free! But instead of getting involved in that right now, click onrepparttar 102010 banner to pull uprepparttar 102011 webpage that it is linked to. When you get there, right click your mouse, go torepparttar 102012 'save in favorites' field and put it into repparttar 102013 appropriate sub-folder - administration, marketing, sales, or misc. Later when you have some free time, or have planned to search for new ways to promote your site, you can go torepparttar 102014 'marketing' sub-folder and take a look at how to get some of that free advertising thatrepparttar 102015 banner was so excited to tell you about.

This is one simple way that you can add extra hours to your day. When you stay focused, you get more accomplished in a shorter period of time and achieve your goals much faster. Your success is directly related to your ability to focus and stay focused on your plan. It may take time to train yourself, but it is worth it.

I wish you allrepparttar 102016 success and happiness that you desire.

Terry Telford is the author of the popular ebook, Website Ladder, and the founder of bpc publishing, where you can pick up your FREE and almost FREE website marketing and traffic tools. Visit today!

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