Build Awareness Through Email Without Spamming!

Written by Michele Haapamaki

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The first step involves making a detailed (if not exhaustive) list of other companies/web sites related to yours. Now carefully formulaterepparttar approach you are going to take to inform these companies of your existence.

You need to have some feature on your site that might benefit them, which becomesrepparttar 109677 angle you will be using. (You should actually have these features on your site; please don’t lie just to getrepparttar 109678 "angle.")

1. Have a links page. Institute your links first and then inform other sites. Obviously, you can’t link to 500 web sites, but you CAN email them, ask for more information about their company and tell them that you will consider a link to them (make sure that you do add some of these companies, or rotate your links periodically)

2. Write a monthly (or weekly) feature on a related company that is doing something new and/or exciting. Email a large selection of companies, tell them that you might like to feature them inrepparttar 109679 future and ask for more information. (You can email them again when they are featured!)

3. If you feature/review/promote any type of product, you have an immense opportunity to contact hundreds, if not thousands, of companies for information. Most often you will have little trouble getting a response.

Every company loves to talk about itself, and have others in their industry acknowledge them as an important player. Even if your site is small, companies will valuerepparttar 109680 exposure you can give them. Your carefully constructed emails will not only stroke their ego, but will let them know who you are. You might develop a correspondence relationship with some, and those that benefit from your features will often help you in return. Others may return to your site periodically to see their feature.

So start sending those emails, but remember… it’s not about you, it’s about them!

Michele Haapamaki writes for Eworksworld, the only Internet Marketing Portal that reviews marketing companies and sites all in one place, so you spend less time searching the web! Send in your tips to our Red Ink Watch, which provides unbiased commentary on the (mostly negative) balance sheets of major Internet companies!

What Does your "John Hancock" Look Like?

Written by Merle

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Think ofrepparttar amount of email you reply to weekly; that's a lot of people who will receive your mini billboard. It works silently inrepparttar 109676 background selling your site and services.

Signature lines are extremely important when posting to discussion boards and newsgroups. You can't just barge in and try to sell your products, but with a good signature line, you're doing it in an acceptable way when you post or reply to a message.

As in all of your advertising, try to piquerepparttar 109677 readers' curiosity with your signature, so they want to click on your URL and find out more about you.

Promoting your website means getting your URL seen in as many places as possible, and signature lines are one avenue in that direction. If you need more help with composing your signature lines or configuring your email client try:

Although this may seem pretty elementary, you'd be amazed to seerepparttar 109678 amount of email I receive daily that's missingrepparttar 109679 signature boat. If you've overlooked your mini billboard I suggest you create one now, because you never know when someone may ask to see your "John Hancock."

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