Build An Internet Parthenon, Part 1

Written by Daniel Ramos

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E-mail Signature Every major email program today will allow you to assign a "signature" to appear atrepparttar end of every message you send or reply to. Suggestion: make it quick and torepparttar 125230 point (your name, company, phone number, website address, your email, and one sentence of four-to-six words of why you are repparttar 125231 best service offering).

Search Engine Submission I've written other articles on this, but suffice to say that you should submit your web pages to search engines. To do basic no-cost submission, visit each ofrepparttar 125232 top search engines listed at Search Engine Watch []and manually submit on each website. Also visit free submission services at websites like JimTools Submit [], and WebStep Top 100 []. Keep in mind that over 90% ofrepparttar 125233 search engine traffic to most Web sites comes from 8 to 10 major search engines.

Employ Search Engine Optimization Simply submitting torepparttar 125234 search engine does not guarantee you'll receive any new visitors. If people cannot find you inrepparttar 125235 first 10 to 30 matches of a search, then submitting was a waste of time. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, focuses on optimizing your pages to improve ranking by creating gateway pages, each tuned for a particular search phrase and search engine. The process of submission, monitoring, reporting and resubmitting is a large one, beware, but effective SEO can drive very targeted traffic to your website.

Join a banner exchange Basically, you join a program where you agree to show a rotating banner on your website for other members, and they dorepparttar 125236 same for you. There is a good resource of banner exchanges at Banner & Link Exchange Networks []. Smart tips: when reviewing stats, make sure you look at click-thru, not impressions, and try to join a network that members serve repparttar 125237 same target customer demographic.

Start an affiliate program If you sell products on your website, then absolutely, start an affiliate program. Simply stated, your program pays a commission to other websites whose links to you result in an actual sale. The goal is to give people financial incentive to promote your website and products. I suggest you read this [] excellent article from Joel Gehman, founder of EchoFactor, for factors to consider if you decide to outsource your affiliate program, and a major comparison ofrepparttar 125238 top guns. I don't suggest you build your own; read this article [] to find out why.

Autoresponder Imagine a completely automated system that delivers instant information to your potential customers and then personalizes follow up with them automatically over a pre- assigned schedule? This is what an Autoresponder will do for you: a prospect visits your website and enters his/her name and email address in a form/box requesting information. An Autoresponder will automatically sendrepparttar 125239 visitor a personalized email reply; some autoresponders will send follow-up emails at later dates, add this visitor to a database, and remove prospects that don't convert to customers. For a sampling of free autoresponders, go here [].

Contests and Sweepstakes Properly and tactfully done, contests will draw visitors to your website. Ask entrants to fill out a small online form that will give you demographics and most importantly, their email addresses for later permission marketing. You can easily find gift sponsors by offering them free advertising in exchange.

eBooks The number 1 reason people go online besides sending & receiving email, is to do research. eBooks are simply electronic books that can be downloaded torepparttar 125240 user's computer and read when they,repparttar 125241 website visitor, is not online paying internet access fees. Its very inexpensive to create a compelling eBook that you can sell, and with today's technology, you can protect your intellectual property. The author of eBook Car Secrets Revealed sells his eBook for $29.95 and sells 17000 copies every single year, generating half-a-million dollars in yearly income.

Use these pillars to generate additional revenue streams for your business. Each one could effectually stand on their own, but together, than can generate enormous upside potential with little or virtually no downside risk.

Want to build a bigger Parthenon? Then what are you waiting for?

Daniel Ramos is the President of Genesislogic Inc., a New York City based ebusiness that helps companies massively profit from the Internet. If you want to learn how to massively profit from the Internet, vist WWW.GENESISLOGIC.COM and download from an extensive online library of resources, call us toll-free at 800-590-5155, or send an email to INFO@GENESISLOGIC.COM

How can I promote my web site???

Written by Glennette Yelverton

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(4) Run a contest - One ofrepparttar best ways to get visitors to a business site is to run a contest! Internet users seem to love to win things as one would expect. The betterrepparttar 125229 prize,repparttar 125230 more visits you'll probably get! As a part ofrepparttar 125231 contest, have them subscribe to your newsletter, that way you have their permission to contact them inrepparttar 125232 future. Just be sure that your newsletter is something they'll be interested in so that you can hang onto them as subscribers! Consider offering internet tips ricks, great sites to visit, sites where you can get free items, etc. Our newsletter includes all of these topics and itís been pretty well received.

(5) Have a newsletter - As mentioned in #4, a newsletter is a great way to not only keep in contact with site visitors but to also contribute something positive to their internet experience. Be sure to remind your subscribers that they did subscribe torepparttar 125233 newsletter atrepparttar 125234 beginning and offer an easy way to unsubscribe atrepparttar 125235 end. Writerepparttar 125236 unsubscribe statement in a way that they're compelled to stay withrepparttar 125237 newsletter because if you have a good newsletter, they won't want to miss out on anything!

(6) Have a press release written about your site - Think about your site objectively and try to come up with a "niche", something unique about your site that maybe others aren't doing or that you're doing better. If possible, have a professional write it so that your release doesn't come off as a sales pitch which tends to happen when site owners write their own release. Press release writers also have a way with words and know what works and what doesn't.

Start taking site promotion seriously and "Knock their socks off"!

Glennette Yelverton is the President of Premium Web Design which specializes in everything from domain registration to site creation/promotion. They can host your site, design it for you, and even promote it as well. Get a FREE site consultation today by emailing and putting "Free site consult" in the subject. Visit Premium Web Design today at or call them at (912) 888-8262.

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