Buffer Under-run Protection & Its Value in Duplication

Written by John McGrath

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better analogy for CD-R writing when using buffer under-run prevention is that of a car. If a car runs out of fuel, you can simply fill up a gas can, add fuel, and continue on your way. No plane crashes here. Usingrepparttar car analogy, what would berepparttar 133493 down side if your tank was very small and you were embarking on a long drive wherebyrepparttar 133494 distance between gas stations was greater thanrepparttar 133495 fuel capacity allowed? Well, you would run out of gas frequently and find yourself walking alongrepparttar 133496 road to fill your gas can only to walk back to your car, refill, and continue on your way, repeating this step as often as necessary. So in effect, ifrepparttar 133497 host PC or duplication controller cannot provide data as fast asrepparttar 133498 CD-R drive writes,repparttar 133499 drive will pause, wait forrepparttar 133500 buffer to refill, and then beginrepparttar 133501 write process again. The downside here is performance. This can take from one to several seconds per actuation of buffer under-run prevention. A one-drive 32x copier from one company might easily out-perform a 52x unit relying on buffer under-run prevention. The MF Digital difference MF Digital designs its duplication and publishing systems so that buffer under-run prevention strategies are not needed. This is achieved through MF Digital's own precision duplication controllers and software, andrepparttar 133502 use of high-speed hard drives, fast processors, and plenty of memory. When using MF Digital's PC based systems such asrepparttar 133503 Scribe, be sure to adhere torepparttar 133504 minimum system requirements.

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DialResults’ Converged Communications Solutions for your contact center by Richard Logan

Written by Richard Logan

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DialResults VoIP predictive dialer and IP enabled PBX solutions are exciting technologies that promise to make your call center business dramatically more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective. DialResults, which bases both voice and data communications on a single infrastructure allows greater contact center efficiency. A single network environment significantly reduces integration. The result, with DialResults systems is greater productivity and a faster return on investment. DialResults Web-Enabled, Multimedia Contact Center When a call center uses DialResults Web-enabled technology, customers can send email, participate in conferences, talk live overrepparttar Internet, be guided through Web page content, and chat online. If they need more information about one of your products before making a purchase, they can click a push-to-talk button on your company's Web site to activate a phone call - possibly overrepparttar 133492 Internet - and talk to a live agent who can answer questions and closerepparttar 133493 sale. A push-to-talk option can bringrepparttar 133494 web to life and capture customers duringrepparttar 133495 "critical moments" of a purchase decision. Multimedia contact centers can receive queries via phone, fax, email, orrepparttar 133496 Internet; allowing customers to contact you inrepparttar 133497 way they prefer. Since it is more convenient to reach your organization, customers are more likely to do business with you - instead of your competition. Your salespeople will be able to close more new business and generate substantial repeat business. Whether you are new to converged communications, want to add additional capacity or enhanced functionality,repparttar 133498 fastest and easiest way to get started is to call sales at 1-888-839-3613 or read more about convergence at http://www.dialresults.com/emerging.html

Richard Logan has over 15 years experence in the call center industry

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