Browser Tips: Browser Helper Objects

Written by Richard Lowe

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I was getting very frustrated up until about a week ago. I am very good at this kind of thing, and to continue to haverepparttar same kind of issue without coming to a resolution was really annoying me.

Yes, believe it or not, there is a point to this story. Last week I stumbled across an article about Browser Helper Objects (also known as a BHO). This isrepparttar 134633 first and only time that I have heard this term, although I had been unknowingly using these little critters for years. A BHO is a piece of code which is installed in a special place known to Internet Explorer which adds additional features. Microsoft has kindly provided this function to allow third party companies to extendrepparttar 134634 browser without needing to provide access torepparttar 134635 source code.

I'm absolutely sure that most ofrepparttar 134636 readers of this article use at least one BHO at least occasionally. Some examples include Alexa, Gator, Flyswat, GetRight, Gozilla, RealDownload and Yahoo Companion. There are many, many more which are often made available for free in return for a name and demographic information. I'll bet that you have at least one of these installed on your system right now. All of these applications are extremely useful, and all of them extendrepparttar 134637 functionality of Internet Explorer. Each has been produced by a different company with different development, coding and testing standards.

Once I readrepparttar 134638 article something clicked and I went through my add/remove programs control panel and deletedrepparttar 134639 most useful BHO of them all - Gator. I love this application, but I had to see if this wasrepparttar 134640 problem.

Well, it's been a week and my system has remained 100% stable since that time. Not one application freeze. Not one Windows Explorer crash. Not one problem of any kind.

I learned something - well, I relearned something that I already knew. Be conservative onrepparttar 134641 installs of new applications onto your computer. Nothing makes Windows more unstable than new installations. And once you're sure you've got a stable Windows system which does what you need, then by all means stop installing things. More than likely, it will remain stable - that is, until you find that perfect piece of software that you've just got to have.

When you do install something that modifiesrepparttar 134642 behavior of Internet Explorer, remember this article. Perhaps you've added a Browser Helper Object. I would recommend that you go ahead and install it, then watch your system carefully for a week before making any other changes. This is reallyrepparttar 134643 only real way to be sure of whererepparttar 134644 new problem came from.

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The Frames Debate

Written by Stefene Russell

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--Frames often annoy many users. They're just kinda confusing. And when users get annoyed, you know what they do? Yep, that's right. They go somewhere else.

--They don't show up correctly in many browsers, thus shrinking your audience even further.

--Your users will have a tough time book-marking pages within your site (likerepparttar order page f'rinstance. Ahem).

As you can see, there are more than a few things to think about here. The answer, if you're really stuck on using frames, is to create a splash page that allows your users to choose frames or no frames. Of course, this means more work--but inrepparttar 134632 long run, giving your users this option is probably worth it.

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