Brother Tiger, Brother Bear

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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In 1999 "Vanity Fair" magazine ran a story about Siegfried and Roy entitled Married, with Tigers. The couple doesn’t acknowledge being homosexual but according to Linda Rapp inrepparttar "Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Culture", it is “widely perceived that they are.”

You’ve probably seen photographs of Roy holding up baby white tiger cubs. “The first voice they hear is mine,” he said in an interview in 2000 for his book Siegfried and Roy’s Gift forrepparttar 122349 Ages. “The first touch they feel is mine,repparttar 122350 first human face they see is mine.” Roy Horn is talking about babies and babies that are his. [Ibid.]

“Siegfried and I have spent every waking moment with our animals,” he continues. “We watch and observe. We talk to them, take walks with them. Day by day, we learn about each other. But you must have patience and respect for Mother Nature. Because when an animal gives you its trust, you feel like you have been givenrepparttar 122351 most beautiful gift inrepparttar 122352 world.” [Ibid.]

But this trust was not trustworthy. Saturn in Cancer posesrepparttar 122353 question, “Who am I safe with if not my own family?” The betrayal of trust inrepparttar 122354 bond between Roy Horn and Montecore may actually prove to be a greater wound for Roy thanrepparttar 122355 physical ones. Montecore came into his life when Saturn was on his Moon seven years earlier.

Immediately afterrepparttar 122356 attack, Horn reportedly said, “Don’t harmrepparttar 122357 cat.” Montecore was quarantined, checked for rabies and then released.

Siegfried Fischbacher saysrepparttar 122358 tiger was trying to save Roy after he fell on stage. Jonathan Kraft, who runs Keepers ofrepparttar 122359 Wild in Arizona, and many other big cat experts disagree. Kraft commented to Adam Goldman ofrepparttar 122360 Associated Press, "The cat wasn't trying to protect him. [It] was going forrepparttar 122361 jugular. That was a typical killing bite." He added, “I admirerepparttar 122362 guys, I just think they are sending a wrong message. The message needs to be: These are wild animals.” There are several conflicting stories as torepparttar 122363 events which led to Roy’s fall and Montecore’s aggression.

Siegfried once mentioned how amazed he was that Roy was allowed to participate inrepparttar 122364 birthing process of white tigers atrepparttar 122365 Secret Garden. “I think this is incredible when you consider an animal like this can kill their own mate over young ones,” he said. “And to think that [the tigress] accepts Roy to be a part ofrepparttar 122366 experience is a miracle.”

A miracle? Or an illusion? Siegfried and Roy bill themselves as magicians, masters of deception. The audience thoughtrepparttar 122367 mauling was part ofrepparttar 122368 act butrepparttar 122369 greater illusion may berepparttar 122370 costly and damaging one Roy had about his “family”.

One week later, controversial bear advocate Timothy Treadwell, who has been featured on Leonardo diCaprio’s website, was killed and eaten by a grizzly bear. As I often remind my students,repparttar 122371 stars don’t cause these things. They are related onrepparttar 122372 vertical plane as synchronistic events. Perhaps it is time to look once again at our beliefs aboutrepparttar 122373 creatures with whom we share this earth and our ways of relating to them.

Our hearts go out to Roy and Siegfried. For them this is a personal and family tragedy.

Roy’s Saturn Return will complete December 17 through 28, 2003 and May 14 through 22, 2004.

Nancy R. Fenn has been a professional astrologer in the San Diego area for over 25 years. She's the astrologer who wasn't born yesterday.

Fixed Stars, Not Fixed Fates!

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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Beginning astronomy students are taught to start from Ursa Major and "followrepparttar arc to Arcturus"; then "spin on to Spica". Arcturus isrepparttar 122348 second brightest star inrepparttar 122349 spring sky, a fortunate star ofrepparttar 122350 zodiac, while Spica is consideredrepparttar 122351 luckiest star of all. Are you lucky enough to have a planet at 23 Libra? Email me at and I’ll let you know.

Mizar and Alcor have a love story in American Indian mythology. Not everyone can see Alcor, but she isrepparttar 122352 7th sister ofrepparttar 122353 Pleiades,repparttar 122354 youngest sister, who fell in love with a mortal man. One nightrepparttar 122355 Windsong lifted him up intorepparttar 122356 stars for her His name is Mizar and they have been together ever since. All cultures speak ofrepparttar 122357 Seven Pleiades, but that is why you can only see six of them.

Astrologically,repparttar 122358 constellation Ursa Major is said to give a "quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger when roused". Much like a bear, I suppose. The name Ursa Major (the Big Bear) comes from a myth about Zeus,repparttar 122359 king of gods. Zeus raped a young nymph named Callisto. Callisto gave birth to a son named Arcas. Zeus’ wife was so angry she turned Callisto into a bear. Callisto roamedrepparttar 122360 woods for 15 years. One day she ran into her son, who had become a hunter. As he drew his bow to shoot her, of course not recognizing that she was his mother, Zeus took pity on Callisto and turned her son into a bear as well. Then he took them both byrepparttar 122361 tail and swung them up intorepparttar 122362 heavens which is why their tails are so long. Zeus’ wife became furious again and drug a promise out ofrepparttar 122363 ancient ruler ofrepparttar 122364 sea that these two constellations would never get their paws wet. To this day they do not set belowrepparttar 122365 horizon ofrepparttar 122366 sea as other constellations do.

The constellation has had other meanings. In Arabic, Mizak and Alcor are calledrepparttar 122367 horse and rider. The rest ofrepparttar 122368 constellation is seen as a funeral procession ... perhaps because ofrepparttar 122369 slow and solemn motion ofrepparttar 122370 figure aroundrepparttar 122371 pole.

The Babylonians saw a chariot in these stars andrepparttar 122372 Romans, seven oxen. In Irelandrepparttar 122373 constellation is called King David's Chariot; in Denmark and Swedenrepparttar 122374 Stori Vagn or Chariot of Thor. Similarlyrepparttar 122375 Vikings, Poles, Germans and Medieval Christians saw it as a chariot for their gods.

The Plough, as it is called inrepparttar 122376 UK, isrepparttar 122377 bucket shaped figure onrepparttar 122378 back ofrepparttar 122379 Bear, outlined byrepparttar 122380 stars Merak, Dubhe, Phecda and Megrez. The Three Horses pullingrepparttar 122381 plough are located inrepparttar 122382 tail.

Ursa Major has also been calledrepparttar 122383 Wain byrepparttar 122384 Welsh, short for Charlie Wain or Charlemagne, while Arcturus refers to King Arthur.

The stars do not compel any more than there are chariots, bears and funeral processions inrepparttar 122385 skies. Most individual stars have Arabic names whilerepparttar 122386 constellations in our northern hemisphere have names derived from Greek and Roman mythology. There was a time 2000 years ago when these worlds were all one -- when shepherds sat alone on hilltops at night and stared intorepparttar 122387 sky. There was a time when desert caravans followed star maps reliably acrossrepparttar 122388 sands and sailors cried “By Jiminy!” torepparttar 122389 constellation ofrepparttar 122390 twins to keep them safe at sea. There was a time when astrology and astronomy were twins as well and I’m one astrologer who likes to return to those times every now and then.

Nancy R. Fenn has been a professional astrologer in the San Diego area for over 25 years. She's the astrologer who wasn't born yesterday.

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