Broadband Tools To Measure System Performance And More

Written by Michael Lemm

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Note: Some firewalls might log a potential attack from their server if you choose to testrepparttar security of your system since they are testing for vulnerabilities.

* SG Speed Test

A quick download speed test to estimate your connection speed atrepparttar 141365 time.

* SG Network Tools

The SG Network tools section includes many common network tools such as PING, TRACEROUTE, WHOIS, etc.

* SG Bits/Bytes Conversion Calculator

The Bits/Bytes calculator is a useful tool for quickly converting bits/bytes, etc. It takes into considerationrepparttar 141366 different conventons while calculating data communication rates and storage space.

* SG RWIN/BDP Calculator

The RWIN/BDP calculator can be used to estimate TCP Window values, based onrepparttar 141367 Bandwidth*Delay Product (BDP for short). It can also calculate maximum bandwidth based on RWIN and latency values, and perform a number of different conversions as well.

Drop in and test them out (no pun intended). Atrepparttar 141368 very least you may learn something about your current system needs or performance.

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Fire Evacuation Drill with a Difference

Written by Thomas Yoon

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That was our first option. Relying on human communications leaves too much on uncertainty. We have to make it completely idiot-proof. This option is not fool proof. Somebody might claim that they did not getrepparttar message.

Our second option was to re-programrepparttar 141309 fire alarm system to exclude allrepparttar 141310 areas inrepparttar 141311 clean rooms. This option was a bit tricky as there were some uncertainty as to howrepparttar 141312 alarm bells were wired up. We had to admit that although everything was drawn on paper onrepparttar 141313 as-built drawings, we were not 100% sure whether repparttar 141314 re-programming will cover allrepparttar 141315 alarm bells insiderepparttar 141316 clean rooms or not. Moreover, there had been some renovation done onrepparttar 141317 existing building and nobody had takenrepparttar 141318 trouble to test repparttar 141319 alarm bells then. So this option was also shelved.

Our third option was to re-wirerepparttar 141320 existing bells specifically only forrepparttar 141321 offices, so that we can trigger onlyrepparttar 141322 office areas. This seems a pretty good option, except thatrepparttar 141323 preparation re-wiring work will have to be done atrepparttar 141324 installation itself. Duringrepparttar 141325 re-wiring period,repparttar 141326 office itself would not be protected byrepparttar 141327 fire alarm system. In addition,repparttar 141328 original wires would need to be disturbed and re-looped - something engineering people would not be keen to do - as it might give rise to other unexpected problems.

Our fourth option - to fabricate and install addition bells with triggering switches and fix them just besiderepparttar 141329 existing bells seemed to berepparttar 141330 best option. By using additional bells, batteries, switches and getting them wired up at a portable stand in a workshop, they could be tested, carried along and put in place within a very short time. The best feature of this option is thatrepparttar 141331 original fire alarm wiring need not be disturbed at all.

Choosingrepparttar 141332 fourth option, we fabricated three sets of alarm bell triggering units and placed them atrepparttar 141333 appropriate places atrepparttar 141334 offices. Whenrepparttar 141335 time for triggeringrepparttar 141336 alarm bells came, an order was issued throughrepparttar 141337 walkie-talkie andrepparttar 141338 bells were triggered byrepparttar 141339 technicians at those stations.

So, we managed to organizerepparttar 141340 fire evacuation drill forrepparttar 141341 offices only. Nobody evacuated fromrepparttar 141342 manufacturing clean rooms becauserepparttar 141343 bells were not sounded there. Allrepparttar 141344 office workers had their evacuation drill and everything went on smoothly.

A potentially huge manufacturing loss was avoided by adopting a simple idea. A workable idea born out of necessity.

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