Bridal Shower Games Are Extremely Fun!

Written by Melanie Doetsch

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Purse power is a one of those bridal shower games that is fun and can helprepparttar guests get to know a bit more about each other as well. Have everyone put their purses in front of them, then start naming items from a list that you are looking for. You can award points for each item that a guest has in her purse, with more points for unusual items (1 point for powder or lipstick, 5 points for mini flashlight). To get intorepparttar 122033 grove of things, give extra points for birth control pills, foam, diaphragms, or condoms!

Traditional word games are also popular games to play and you can focus on such games as word searches, scrambles, or hangman style games based on words and phrases having to do with weddings. These are easy to find and download onrepparttar 122034 Internet or find in bridal shower books.

With so many games to choose from, keepingrepparttar 122035 laughter going will be no problem at all!

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Meeting The Right Person

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