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Written by Jed Clark

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Now that you're packed, it's time to dress forrepparttar airport. Avoid wearing a lot of jewelry or metal items. Try to wear a pair of tennis shoes or other comfortable shoes that doesn't have a metal support inrepparttar 147683 sole construction (many thick-soled dress shoes and high-heeled women's shoes use these). If you pack your keys, cell phone or PDA in your pocket, prepare an empty pocket in your carry-on where you can easily place these items before you get torepparttar 147684 security checkpoint.

When you're atrepparttar 147685 airport and about to go through security,repparttar 147686 most important thing you can do is to be prepared forrepparttar 147687 next step inrepparttar 147688 process. Before you enterrepparttar 147689 security line, verify that there is not a shorter line at another gateway that you can use. As you enterrepparttar 147690 line, have your boarding pass and driver's license or passport ready for inspection. Keep these items easily accessible as many airports require you to show them more than once.

As you approachrepparttar 147691 security checkpoint, remove all metal items, keys, PDAs and cell phones from your person and place them in your specially prepared carry-on pocket. You may also want to remove your jacket and carry it over your arm until you get torepparttar 147692 check point.

Atrepparttar 147693 security checkpoint, take your laptop out of your carry-on. Place your laptop and jacket inrepparttar 147694 provided containers. Place your carry-on bag onrepparttar 147695 conveyor. As your items enterrepparttar 147696 scanner, it's time for you to breeze on throughrepparttar 147697 checkpoint.

Be sure to followrepparttar 147698 instructions ofrepparttar 147699 security screeners. Remember they are there to ensure your security. If you are pulled aside for a random screening, be courteous torepparttar 147700 security personnel. They are there to do a job and being pleasant makes things a little nicer for both them and you.

A little commonsense and preparation can ease your way through airport security and get your flight off to a great start.

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Written by Marcy Sunday

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