Breeding Crayfish

Written by William Berg

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Breeding Now you know about their breeding behaviour and how to raiserepparttar fry, but how can you get them to breed inrepparttar 125837 first place? Well, first of all you have to give themrepparttar 125838 right environment and good food to get them in a condition in which they can spawn. Some species also need different triggers to breed. These triggers may be a change inrepparttar 125839 amount of light and number of light hours, a change in temperature, change of circulation, etc.

Feeding Crayfish usually accept most kinds of food, and I would recommend feeding them a diet based on boiled lettuce, sinking pellets, shrimps, and once or week or so, fish meat. This will get them in good condition and helprepparttar 125840 female surviverepparttar 125841 spawning period since she usually doesn't eat while she is carrying eggs.

Housing/environment Many crayfish species can be kept in relatively small aquariums, but I recommend using larger aquariums since this lowersrepparttar 125842 pressure onrepparttar 125843 females byrepparttar 125844 males. The aquarium should be decorated so that a lot of hiding places of suitable size are provided. Hiding places can be created using rocks, roots, flowerpots, coconuts, PVC pipes, and so on. It's important that there is at least one, and preferably several hiding places for each crayfish.

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Three Steps to Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Kitty

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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My cat Scout thinksrepparttar Christmas tree is a new litter box location. Sheíll urinate onrepparttar 125836 tree cover. Thatís a treat to clean! I have to keep a plastic liner underrepparttar 125837 tree to facilitaterepparttar 125838 clean up. I make double certain to keep allrepparttar 125839 litter boxes clean, but she feels a need to express herself creatively at this time ofrepparttar 125840 year. Itís her way to contributing torepparttar 125841 tree decorating tradition. She does it once, and she's done.

Next, if you own a scaredy kitty, confine her to a safe room when hosting holiday events in your home. If possible, confine your kitty in a place that guests wonít stumble in. Put her food, water, and a clean litter box inrepparttar 125842 room. Stop in from time to time to reassure her that itís alright. If there arenít adequate hiding spots in her room, think about putting a box or large paper bag in with her, and encourage her to burrow in it.

Finally, purchase some natural flower essence compounds to put in her food or water all duringrepparttar 125843 holiday season. There are several good remedies that are recommended for situational stress. Add a few drops in kittyís food or water twice a day, and youíll see results within 24 hours.

Flowering essences are also safe for human consumption, so if youíre contemplating a fall into insanity, take a few drops yourself!

You can also purchase synthetic hormone substances that come pre-packaged in a bottle that plugs into any electrical outlet in your home. This remedy lasts approximately a month.

Good luck, and happy holidays to you and your family Ė humans and animals!

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