Breastfeeding Your Baby while you work

Written by Janice Wee

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A working mom's schedule could be like this. Half and hour before leavingrepparttar home, breastfeed baby. If baby wouldn't drink, then use a breast pump to expressrepparttar 141745 milk and store it inrepparttar 141746 fridge before going to work. Leave with a insulated container large enough for an ice pack and bottles of milk andrepparttar 141747 breast pump.

Reach office 15 minutes early, spend 10 minutes expressing what you can, seal uprepparttar 141748 milk in a bottle or milk bags, hide in a box, hide box in a plastic bag and keep that inrepparttar 141749 office fridge. Dumprepparttar 141750 ice pack inrepparttar 141751 freezer compartment ofrepparttar 141752 office fridge.

Lunch time, have a really quick lunch, packed food whatever, and spend half an hour inrepparttar 141753 toilet expressingrepparttar 141754 milk. Seal that up, hide it in a box, in a bag and keep inrepparttar 141755 fridge.

After office hours, straight torepparttar 141756 toilet and express some more milk and store that up too.

After work, time to go home, if 4 hours or more have passed since your last milking session, express again.

Pack up everything putrepparttar 141757 ice pack in your insulated container packets or bottles milk on that ice pack and bring everything with you home quickly. Once home, put everything inrepparttar 141758 fridge so baby has fresh breastmilk to drinkrepparttar 141759 next day while you are away.

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Baby Shower Invitation Cards

Written by Randy Wilson

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Where to get Invitations:
Online, party supply shop, Wal-mart, Shopko, Target, K-Mart, or office supply stores handle baby shower invitations.

Who to send to:
Everyone invited should get a seperate baby shower invitation card, even if they are inrepparttar same household.

When to send:
The invitatons should be sent out 3 to 6 weeks in advance. This gives your guests time to clear their schedules, purchase gifts, and return RSVP's.

What to include in your invitation:

  • Name ofrepparttar 141702 guest of honor
  • If surprise baby shower party, mention that onrepparttar 141703 card
  • Theme ofrepparttar 141704 party
  • Date and time ofrepparttar 141705 shower
  • Location and directions torepparttar 141706 baby shower
  • Name and address of hostess/host
  • Favorite colors of guest of honor
  • Where guest of honor has a registry
  • Suggested ideas for gifts
  • Tell them if a meal is planned, refreshments, appetizers, etc
  • Decorating scheme of guest of honor
  • How and when to RSVP

    For those baby showers where you know that you are having a baby boy you might want to send out baby shower invitations for boys. If you have a girl, there are baby shower invitations for a girl also.

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    Randy is owner of How to Plan a Baby Shower where you will find further tips on baby showers and baby shower games.

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