Breaking the Growth Barriers in the IT and Software Sectors

Written by Ash Seha

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The offering, and by extensionrepparttar company, is still being defined by technologists; it has yet to be married with a solid business development plan, marketing or sales acumen. More worrisome is thatrepparttar 144216 very success of your company has brought you torepparttar 144217 attention of major players who do have personnel and strategies dedicated to driving you out ofrepparttar 144218 market; they view you as a threat. Your days of flying underrepparttar 144219 radar are over.

This stage is characterized by: •An attractive market •A compelling product •Adequate financial resources •An inability to develop market momentum

Through sales, marketing, product management and business development acumen, a sales and marketing strategy consultant may be able to help a company like yours to: •Recruit and manage skilled personnel •Craft compelling product and company positioning •Create effective sales vehicles and sales strategy •Recruit and manage appropriate and motivated alliance partners

Process Constrained A company at this stage of development is typically successful, no longer a start-up, is being run by a management team, has been accepted inrepparttar 144220 market, and is competitive. However, fundamental product development and sales and marketing management processes have not yet been accepted withinrepparttar 144221 foundation ofrepparttar 144222 corporate culture. This means thatrepparttar 144223 solution to most situations are human-based, usually hand-crafted byrepparttar 144224 management team;repparttar 144225 foundation of proven processes is absent.

This stage is characterized by: •Market acceptance •Ability to compete with established players •All actions are hand-crafted, typically byrepparttar 144226 senior management team

By introducing repeatable, best-of-breed processes for sales, marketing and product management specically inrepparttar 144227 IT and software sector , a sales and marketing strategy consultant may help a company like yours to: •Introduce effective and repeatable IT and software product management, marketing and sales processes •Reduce day-to-day reliance on senior management resources

Innovation Constrained Organizations at this stage of development have achieved a great deal of success; processes are ingrained, product development is streamlined, and sales and marketing systems are in place. But by definitionrepparttar 144228 market keeps shifting: your product is being eclipsed by younger companies with products that perhaps even capitalize on your R&D and experience; your market may be saturated torepparttar 144229 point thatrepparttar 144230 double-digit growth rates your investors have come to take for granted are a thing ofrepparttar 144231 past. You need a new product or a new market or both.

This stage is characterized by: •The management team no longer involved in all decisions •Stagnation beginning to creep in with respect to products and markets

By introducing fresh thinking about new markets, products, and channels, a business strategy consultant specializing in software and information technologymay be able to help a company like yours to: •Author innovative channel strategies •Leverage existing products into new vertical and geographic markets •Capture requirements for nascent product lines •Embrace change asrepparttar 144232 source of competitive advantage

Ash is a partner at The Launch Factory, a consultancy specializing in marketing, sales, and product management strategy for software and IT companies.

When Is Time Management Not Enough?

Written by Gerry McRae

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Now, let me share with yourepparttar simple control device that didrepparttar 144179 turn-around for me.

It was set up as a spreadsheet. Inrepparttar 144180 first column I listedrepparttar 144181 items to be produced, inrepparttar 144182 second column wererepparttar 144183 objectives (e.g: 10 / week, 0.2/day, 12 in can, etc.) and torepparttar 144184 right columns headed with dates ofrepparttar 144185 workdays forrepparttar 144186 month into which you tally your production. Inrepparttar 144187 far right columns are totals and evaluation against your objectives.

The vertical tally gives you a quick view of your daily output.

You can construct this on your personal workstation, laptop or palm device. I opted for a printout for recording my single stroke [|||] tally because I was working at my desktop computer. Results can be entered on my spreadsheet or into my database later if I want more extensive analyses or records.

This is especially valuable forrepparttar 144188 manager assumingrepparttar 144189 responsibility of selling to key accounts and may have excused himself or herself fromrepparttar 144190 scrutiny of a sales manager.

It’s a good idea to occasionally review all of your functions for any possible lapses into some gold-bricking activities. It pays to ask yourself, “Who’s managingrepparttar 144191 manager?” Should you find a weakness, you have my empathy as it can be a humbling and/or embarrassing experience. Take heart – it’s rewarded with valuable improvements in your own productivity along with improved self-esteem.

Gerry McRae has taught time management techniques in his university courses and at several police colleges. He is also the author of "Time Management for Entrepreneurs - What to do, When & Why" available at

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